Support Policy

1. Support Center


1.1. Contact Information.* Users can contact HotSchedules Customer Care in the following ways:

(a) Email:

(b) Forums:

(c) Knowledge Base:

(d) HotSchedules Website:

(e) Automated Schedule Line: (512) 219-1492; Toll Free (866) 753-3853; Support Line: (877) 720-8578


1.2. Generally

HotSchedules offers 24/7 Customer Care services to active and authorized Users who provide accurate login credentials and/or have a valid email address and/or cell phone number already posted in their HotSchedules account profile. HotSchedules will staff bi-lingual (English/Spanish) representatives during normal business hours. HotSchedules Essentials and HotSchedules Plus customers are entitled to email and online ticket support only which does not include live phone call support. For MacromatiX Customers, HotSchedules offers only Tier III services for all MacromatiX products without an additional charge. The Customer is responsible for Tier I and Tier II support for such products unless specifically purchased.


1.3. Tiered Response

The HotSchedules Customer Care Center consists of four tiers as described below:


(a) Tier I

This Tier handles the majority of inbound phone calls. HotSchedules’s Tier I Personnel are certified to handle all User requests, training, basic troubleshooting of Software, and basic manager training. Tier I Personnel assist Users with schedule information, request time off, shift trades, messages, supported mobile apps, high-level training, troubleshooting, issue tracking, web submission ticket forms and email support. During non-business hours, non-emergency issues will be tracked and fielded by HotSchedules Personnel for action the following business day. Examples include:

  • What time do I work?
  • How do I modify the current week’s schedule?
  • How do I change specific settings and preferences?


(b) Tier II

This Tier handles advanced features of the Software. These features consist of forecasting, budgeting, Logbook setup, pro forma and reporting features. This Tier handles all integration related troubleshooting and re-installs of the Software.


(c ) Tier III

This Tier addresses any type of issue/question throughout our Software. It handles all advanced troubleshooting of our Software as well as supports all custom functionality a customer may have implemented.


(d) Tier IV

This Tier works directly with HotSchedules Engineering to resolve any issues within the database or code base.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, HotSchedules offers only Tier III services for all MacromatiX products without an additional charge. The Customer is responsible for Tier I and Tier II support for such products unless specifically purchased.


2. Escalation Procedures and Process


The escalation process for any problem with the operation of the Software is as follows.

Tier I —> Tier II —> Tier III —> Support Mgr —> Customer Success Manager (if applicable) —> Director, Customer Care —>  VP, Customer Care —> COO


3. HotSchedules Hours of Operation


3.1. Normal Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM CST – 7:00 PM CST
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM CST – 5:00 PM CST


3.2. After Hours Support:

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 PM CST – 7:00 AM CST
Friday 7:00 PM CST – 8:00 AM CST
Saturday: 5:00 PM CST – Sunday 8:00 AM CST
Sunday: 5:00 PM CST – Monday 7:00 AM CST
Thanksgiving Day: All day
Christmas Day: All day


3.3. Holiday Hours (Emergency tech support will be available on standby):*

Thanksgiving Day: Closed
Christmas Day: Closed


4. Support Targets


4.1. HotSchedules will staff its operations with the objective of meeting the following target resolution times:

Training - First Call Resolution; Emails - 24 hours

Training consists of any question pertaining to current and future functionality.

Examples include:

  • How can I print out a new team member welcome sheet?
  • How do I view my actual labor compared to my scheduled labor?

Integration - 72 hours

Integration consists of all inquiries related to integration solutions isolated to specific stores (not global). This could consist of software, database replication, web services or any other integration tool we have developed.


RFI (Request for Information) - 96 hours (for standard requests)

This entails any information requested that is outside HotSchedules normal reporting capabilities. Fees may apply. Also note, that if the data requested is not available through an existing support tool, database script, or is more than 2 years old, the turnaround time is 10-14 business days.


HotSchedules Site Issue - Severity Dependent (Immediate – 6 weeks)

This depends on the severity of the issue and can range from something that affects operations which is fixed ASAP to a browser specific UI issue that does not limit functionality. Resolution of the issue may be dependent on HotSchedules software release cycle.

NOTE: See section 4.2 for severity definitions.


Problem / Configuration Changes - 48 hours

This consists of questions pertaining to functionality or number variances within the HotSchedules platform. The majority of these tickets are tied to settings that are not configured to the
customer’s preferences.


Non-Emergency After-Hours Calls - 24 Hours

This pertains to any question or issue regarding functionality that is not affecting the current day’s operations. Examples include:

  • A restaurant’s labor numbers do not match
  • Advanced training on custom modules (Example: Meal Period Planner)


Emergency After-Hours Calls - 1 hour

Emergency calls are defined by any issue that is preventing operations to occur for the current day. Examples include:

  • A user cannot access HotSchedules Solutions
  • A user receives an error page on the roster report
  • A user cannot access the HotSchedules scheduler to create/modify their schedules


4.2 Severity Definitions

Blocker (Severity-1) – subscriptions service is down or in a state that most customers cannot reasonably perform any work or the integrity/security of data is in jeopardy. (2 hours is the target turnaround)


Critical (Severity-2) – subscription service is available, however, customers are unable to perform critical business operations due to a persistent loss of feature or serious performance degradation. HotSchedules will acknowledge within 3 business hours and will target releasing in an off-cycle  code release patch (2 days is the target turnaround).


Major (Severity-3) – critical business functionality is available but either may require an unscalable or inconvenient workaround to use or Is experiencing Intermittent performance degradation.  HotSchedules will acknowledge within 24 business hours and target the resolution for the next major code release. (2 to 4 weeks is the target turnaround).


Minor (Severity-4) – non critical functionality is unavailable, isolated customer-impacting issues, or exception case that has a reasonable workaround. HotSchedules will acknowledge within 24 business hours and target the resolution for an upcoming major code release. (6 weeks is the target turnaround).


5. Data Center Operations


HotSchedules is responsible for the operation of its data center and all systems required to make the Software available for use by Customer. “Availability” or “Available” means you are able to log in and access the services.


Scheduled maintenance is not considered as time not Available. Additionally, any period in which you are unable access to the services due to your conduct, due to actions that HotSchedules has taken at your request, or any circumstances outside the control of HotSchedules, shall not be considered time where services are not Available.


5.1. Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance, being pre-determined times during which access to the Subscription Software and HotSchedules’s Internet access (collectively, “System”) is purposely taken down for scheduled standard maintenance. Recurring Scheduled Maintenance windows may be established per service offering. For example, first Wednesday of each month from 2:00 AM – 6:00 am Central Time. Scheduled Maintenance windows for each service will be made available through HotSchedules' Scheduled Maintenance page, available online. Maintenance may be needed to be performed outside of the Recurring Scheduled Maintenance window as well. HotSchedules shall use reasonable efforts to provide Customer with adequate notice of any Scheduled Maintenance. Any maintenance is considered to be “Scheduled” if the customer has been provided at least 2 days, or 48 hrs, notice of the Scheduled Maintenance.


5.2. Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance

Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance being periods where the System access is not available as a result of the need to address a critical or emergency issue. If possible, Customer will be notified prior to any Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance that falls outside any Scheduled Maintenance windows. Notifications will be delivered via the HotSchedules Status Page. Any maintenance is considered to be “Unplanned” or “Emergency” if the customer has not been provided at least 2 days, or 48 hrs, notice of the maintenance. Unplanned or Emergency maintenance is considered time where services are not Available.


6. Data/Storage Management Security


HotSchedules shall retain a minimum of 13 months of historical Customer Content online and may retain up to 5 years of archived data offline.


7. Backup and Recovery


HotSchedules will perform daily backups of Customer Content that is directly maintained by the Software. HotSchedules shall store the data back-up files at a secure location outside the HotSchedules Data Center. HotSchedules shall maintain the ability to restore files back to any previous 4 hour period within any given day in the previous 7 days and to the end of any previous week in the previous five weeks.

Click here for the HotSchedules Terms of Service


8. HotSchedules Mobile Application Version Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the best possible user experience of our mobile applications by enforcing the use of the current and supported version.


Hotschedules typically updates all of its mobile applications every 2 (two) weeks. These updates may include minor bug fixes, improvements, and major feature enhancements. HotSchedules will support the then-current version of our applications, which means that any user experiencing technical issues on an older version of the application, will be asked to upgrade to the current version. In order to enforce this Mobile Application Version Policy, users on versions that are older than the current version + 2 versions back, will be required to upgrade to the current version. Upon login, users will receive a notification prompting the upgrade requirement and will not be able to login to a version older than the current version + 2 versions back. The upgrade requirement notifications will be enforced on the Monday immediately following the availability of our applications on both iTunes and Google Play. Upgrade requirement notifications will be sent no later than 9:00 am (US CDT) and will typically take place only on Mondays.


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