Serving Those Who Serve Others™

HotSchedules is a technology company made up of restaurant people. We understand how valuable your time is, how challenging your job is and how diverse your workforce is. Our product experts will be by your side—from orientation to your annual business review. And because our industry and technology are constantly changing, we continue to support you throughout the life of your contract with best practices and expert guidance for user adoption and continued success.

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Customer Success From the Get-Go

We’re focused on YOU. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is a true extension of your team. Their goal is to ensure that you get the most value out of HotSchedules and cultivate lifelong customer relationships.


You’ll come to think of them as a consultant and rely on their industry and product expertise to maximize your return on investment.

  • Regularly scheduled business reviews

  • Ongoing support so that you achieve your success metrics

  • Partner in your company’s adoption and continued success

  • Your product roadmap champion and single point of contact


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'Cause You're Busy

Implementation Specialist is just a fancy term for the person we’ve assigned to be your go-to guru for support and training during your first few weeks of customerhood. He or she is a real live human being who will impress you with their expertise and friendliness. Here are just a few things the Implementation Team does for you:

  • Site build and configurations

  • Training to get you and your staff up and running quickly

  • Best practices and Q&A webinars

  • Usage progress reports


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That Fit Your Needs

Success Services are designed to accelerate the value of your HotSchedules investment – to give you a head start on implementation and ultimately, maximize utilization and increase user adoption. Every HotSchedules customer benefits from live 24/7 support, access to a broad range of training tools and best practices webinars. Our Success Services Accelerator service packages are a great option for the time strapped manager who needs that extra pair of hands to get their HotSchedules solution up and running. Just pick the Success Services level that’s right for you.

  • Logbook Accelerator: Moving to a digital Logbook can be overwhelming. Outsource your task list file conversion to our implementation specialists and put yourself on the fast track to better organizational communication and consistency.

  • Train Accelerator: Ideal for training or operations managers low on resources and short on time or maybe just want to fast track their academy. A dedicated specialist will provide consultation on organizing your academy and alleviate some of the grunt work by uploading your existing courses, documents & assessments into the tool for you.

  • Schedule Accelerator: HotSchedules can put you on the fast track to labor optimization! Our implementation and training experts will help you realize the full capabilities of the software and push toward organization-wide adoption.

  • Activity Based Forecasting Accelerator: An in-depth Success Planning session where we discuss your objectives, current resources, and configuration needs; then map out your customized plan for building out your labor rule matrix. Ideal for the above store leader or administrator that is time and resource constrained and needs that kick start to building out a modern and dynamic labor plan.


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HotSchedules University

HotSchedules is designed to save you time and money. And our training program will help you achieve those savings right away! During your implementation, you’ll be introduced to a myriad of training tools that are designed to accommodate any learning style.

  • Task-based walkthroughs appear on your screen at the right time, in the context of what you are trying to accomplish. Learn while you work!

  • Search for a walkthrough to address virtually any HotSchedules question

  • Stay up-to-date on new features with walkthrough alerts & release notes

  • Short, personalized training sessions get you up and running fast

  • On-going, feature-based webinars series focus on best practices so you can make the most of your HotSchedules investment

  • Interact with other users in the HotSchedules community

  • Find all the answers in the HotSchedules knowledge base

  • View in-depth training videos anytime


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