Stop operating in the dark — understand your restaurant analytics with more clarity than ever before

What if your stores, managers and above-store teams could finally leverage your operation's data to forecast with precision, collaborate on custom reports, and easily extract insights to produce high-performing and consistently profitable stores? Now imagine all of that data pumping through an end-to-end workflow that helps managers make better decisions and facilitates ongoing, real-time shift communications.

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Data: At Your Service and Accessible to Everyone

“Restaurant analytics and intelligence shouldn’t sit in a storage closet. Data and reports should be visible to teams who need it so they can run profitable restaurant operations. Combine your stores’ data with intelligent business process management and coach your managers to make smart decisions that drive predictable store performance.


Supporting Those Who Serve Others

HotSchedules is a technology company made up of restaurant people. We understand how valuable your time is, how challenging your job is and how diverse your workforce is. Our product experts will be by your side from orientation to your annual business review. And because our industry and technology are constantly changing, we continue to support you throughout the life of your contract, with best practices and expert guidance for user adoption and continued success.

Effectively Manage Employee Labor Compliance

Simplify back office systems, minimize vendors

Bring your back office systems together under a modern operating platform built lower cost and speed up development.

Scale across corporate and franchise locations

Simplifying store operations is all about scale and easy-to-use interfaces. Our modern architecture allows IT teams to scale systems, lower cost and speed up development.

Straight-forward implementation, easy-to-use interface

Our intuitive, mobile interface makes it easy for teams to get in and get the job done without all the usual issues around change management.

Deliver real-time data and insights for less

Connect data from above-store, in-store and near-store systems through an open API that unlocks insights and intelligence.

Automate tasks with third-party integrations

Save time and improve compliance and accountability through third-party sensors and thermometers that can complete tasks automatically.

Connect Data, Insights & Devices with People and Processes

Turn your standard line-checks and task lists into a workflow

Intelligent workflows and insights take static business processes and make them responsive to events and changes so teams can prepare and perform in the face of the unpredictable.

Guide managers with actionable insights

Managers aren't always able to spot simple ways to optimize the operation. Insights leverage two or more data sources to derive an action and then alert managers in real time.

Engage and communicate from one platform

Your operation runs too fast to communicate through multiple systems. Bring your communications, messaging, calendars and documents together under one, unified platform.

Integrate data & third-party devices

Target your problem areas and, through a series of alerts and notifications, guide your managers to take proactive and corrective action using insights from multiple data sources.

Demystify Forecasting and Improve Accuracy Over Time

A forecasting model managers can trust

It's important to give managers autonomy, they know their stores best. But so does the data. Intelligent forecasting unifies labor and inventory data to provide managers with

Build best-fit forecasts based on individual store events

Multi-dimensional forecasting model creates a restaurant specific forecast.

Adapt forecasts to expected and unexpected events

New events can impact actual forecasts. Unified labor and inventory forecasting in Clarifi Foundation lets managers adjust for the variance and then use the historical data to build future forecasts.

Forecasts that learn

Repurpose forecasted adjustments based on expected and unexpected events and let the system learn the ebb-and-flow of the impact to generate more accurate forecasts.

Deliver critical restaurant analytics reports without all the hassle

Automate reports and collaborate in real-time

Collaboration across your in-store teams as well as restaurant operations, marketing, finance and HR leadership improves accountability and communication.

Build custom reports and comprehensive dashboards

View the information that is most important to you with customizable reports and intelligent-rich dashboards.

Consolidate the information managers need every day

Give managers visibility into historical data to see what happened in the past and critical forecasting data to optimize their plan for future weeks.
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