Optimize labor, engage your workforce & stay in compliance with HotSchedules restaurant management system

Scheduling and labor management solutions should be robust, mobile and easy-to-use. They should reduce the time managers spend creating schedules, improve forecasting to handle changing consumer demands and alert managers when compliance with labor regulations may become an issue.
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Next generation labor & compliance solutions

Leverage the industry’s leading restaurant management and compliance solution’s integration and intelligence to support proactive and intelligent manager decision-making. Eliminate scheduling inefficiencies, optimize employee productivity, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.

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HotSchedules is a technology company made up of restaurant people. We understand how valuable your time is, how challenging your job is and how diverse your workforce is. Our product experts will be by your side from orientation to your annual business review. And because our industry and technology are constantly changing, we continue to support you throughout the life of your contract, with best practices and expert guidance for user adoption and continued success.

Create Accurate, Compliant Schedules in Less Time

Leverage Scheduling Templates

Create schedules 75% faster than manual practices by leveraging week-to-week templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Forecast with Historical Data

View your historical guest counts and sales up to 57 weeks out, and use the insight to select a baseline time period on which to build a proactive forecast.

Create Shifts Automatically

Use your labor rules and forecasts to automatically generate the labor you need for a bucket of hours or shift templates, so managers can simply assign shifts to the team.

Estimating Sales and Labor

Get automatically generated schedules that include the exact shifts you predict you’ll need based on both your sales and labor estimates and optimal labor rules.

Staffing Error Alerts

Avoid costly staffing mistakes in over- or under-scheduling with alerts that notify you of any scheduling discrepancies between planned and actual hours required.

Employee Labor Compliance

Gain automated labor compliance capabilities to meet today’s challenging, complex labor compliance regulations and stay in compliance, while creating better work environments.

Conveniently Import and Export Payroll Data

Give managers and HR the ability to quickly review and adjust data from multiple stores, then export the data into popular third-party payroll systems.

Simplified Punch Review Workflow

Gain simpler payroll preparation and increased accuracy with powerful punch review features, including exceptions review, locked punch edits, punch exceptions rules and more.

Forecast Labor Based on Shifting Demand

Optimize Your Labor Spend

Control costs, stay connected to your teams and maintain compliance with advanced forecasting, labor rules configuration and integrated time and attendance.

Reduce Costly Staff Turnover

Provide staff members with the optimized, flexible scheduling and collaborative, real-time communication tools that will elevate job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover.

Improve Overall Restaurant Performance

Cultivate best practices across all stores that are good for both the company and employees — from flexible scheduling, to collaborative communication, to on-point labor compliance.

Real-time Demand Adjustment Recommendations

Receive just-in-time, actionable updates on staffing requirements based on two or more data sources, such as a store’s historical sales data and continuous weather forecasts.

Drive Intelligent Decision-Making Among Managers

Identify and Take Action in Real-Time

Report on insights and exceptions, and take action (proactive, reactive and corrective) in real-time — without wasting valuable time waiting to run reports.

Accountable Shift Communications

Stay connected to your teams in an integrated communications platform with a variety of tools, including store logs, messaging, calendars and a storage library.

Precision Forecasting

Help managers minimize human error and apply best-fit scheduling with machine-driven forecasting, while boosting their trust in the application’s forecasts.

Data-Driven Performance Views

Support your managers’ decision-making with easy access to intelligent reports, dashboards and forecasts fueled by multiple trusted resources, including third-party systems.

Engage the Workforce with a Mobile App

Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

Let employees access their schedules, swap and pick up shifts, request time-off, and communicate with managers and other team members for greater work/life balance.

Improve Employee Communication

Notify employees via mobile for schedule updates, shift transaction requests and approvals, emergency notifications and time-off request replies.
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