Take control of your food and beverage costs, and reduce waste with restaurant inventory management

Restaurant inventory management shouldn’t have to be a time consuming, tedious process. It should be a series of simple steps to keep managers and staff on task, on time and within budget. With modern, intelligent inventory solutions, workflows help stores nail the inventory processes and give managers, operators and financial teams insight into complex issues like cost variance and menu engineering.
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Simplify inventory management and prevent mistakes before they happen

Inventory is a time-consuming task. But at the pace managers operate and the unpredictable problems that show up at every shift – maintaining the perfect inventory management process is often a challenge. Arm your managers with an end-to-end inventory workflow that uses your data to spot mistakes before they happen and recommends corrective action that optimizes food costs and reduces waste.

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Three Unexpected Ways Modern Technology Can Reduce Food Waste

Better inventory management is the key that lets you reduce food waste — ordering the right amount of ingredients, having effective processes, the right recipes, and a knowledgeable staff. Over the years, restaurants have tried to solve the daunting task of inventory management with back office technology. And while these systems have helped to a certain degree, they still make life difficult for both operators and managers. The good news? That’s changing. Read the blog.

Simple Inventory Workflow, Predictable Financial Outcomes

Intuitive manager experience

Revolutionize the ways your managers move through their days and make decisions — giving them time to manage the margins and staff, and control the operations.

Customizable inventory dashboard

Gain easy and fast access to your preferred metrics based on your unique operations in a simple and customizable full-featured dashboard.

Visual alerts with data-driven insights and exceptions

Receive alerts and notifications that point out the problem areas and guide your managers to take proactive and corrective actions based on intelligent insights.

Collaborative reporting across the business

Share, email, print and comment with your team on relevant reports with a streamlined and easy-to-use interface to boost team-driven results.

Notify Managers when Action is Needed

Variance, threshold & spot count rules configuration

Set limits on your variances, tolerance thresholds and spot counts, so you can prevent mistakes before they happen and receive actionable corrective recommendations.

System alerts for exceptions

Receive timely notices that call managers’ attention to exceptions and mistakes before they commit data to financial records — and so they can assign corrective actions immediately.

Inventory dashboard with spot count recommendations

Focus managers' time and energy on high-cost items by providing real-time access to spot count recommendations versus waiting on batched financial reports.

Intelligent workflow that prevents mistakes

Provide actionable inventory insights with real-time updates and suggested corrective actions on-the-fly throughout shifts — removing guesswork and wait times for reports.

Improve Order & Production Accuracy with Best-Fit Forecasting

System-generated forecasts

Give managers access to intelligent inventory forecasts built on data pulled from multiple trusted back-office systems that offer recommended actions based on best-fit scenarios.

Visibility into critical forecast metrics

Help managers build trust with forecasts that not only provide best-fit insights, but also raw data calculation and rationale for adjustments in an easy-to-understand summary.

Forecasting engine that learns over time

Continuously improve your forecast precision over time with a forecasting engine that learns directly from the ebb and flow of your unique business.

Best-fit forecasting based on external factors

Provide your managers with forecasts that show the impact of weather, events or promotions against the raw data — so they can make the best decisions every day.

Suggested ordering that reduces COGS

Give managers access to trusted intelligent forecasts, so they can order exactly what’s needed, avoid over- or under-ordering and reduce the Cost of Goods Sold.

Unify inventory and labor forecasting

Forecast inventory and labor around actual volume with precise, real-time sales and labor projections, forecasts by job code and schedules for back and front of the house.

Optimize Your Recipes, Engineer Your Menu

Meet production demand while limiting waste

Maintain high-quality, consistent product and limit waste with forecasts and historical data that guide managers through preparation and serving.

Use historical data to engineer menus that bring home the bacon

Engineer and customize recipes in an easy-to-access, drag-and-drop app that leverages your establishment’s data. Then share them across your enterprise.
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