Stay ahead of restaurant employee laws with labor and training regulations

Give your managers intelligent scheduling and training tools to successfully navigate our dynamic legal environment and comply with regulations.
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Maintain Compliance & Reduce Risk

Whether you’re managing a team of minors, dealing with state-specific labor regulations, or putting in controls to keep food safety in check – your operation needs a complete compliance solution that’s simple and accurate. Our intelligent scheduling software gives managers integrated tools that make it easy to configure labor rules that help ensure that your schedules are compliant, your shift transactions are documented, and your labor costs are in control.

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How can you avoid expensive compliance penalties?

Today’s restaurants have to juggle dozens of complex federal and state labor compliance issues—along with everything else it takes to keep their doors open and their businesses profitable. While food quality management, menu development, efficient ordering, and marketing planning are essential tasks in successful restaurants, labor compliance can’t sit on the salamander and get cold. Download the report.

Effectively Manage Employee Labor Compliance

Time & Attendance

Stay in compliance with your state and regional time and attendance regulations with features that integrate employee time scheduling and approved paid time-off data, and aggregate punch data that can be exported to third-party payroll providers like ADP

Minors & School Schedules

Comply with your state and regional minor laws with direct access to local school calendars and features that prevent minors from picking up or swapping shifts that violate labor laws.

Paid Sick Leave

Give your employees the ability to request both informal days off (without manager notification) and formal requests with advanced notice for time off.

Meal & Break Mandates

Stay in compliance with your state and regional meals and breaks regulations with intelligent automated features that create, assign and track appropriate rules for both enterprise and individual restaurants.

Automate Compliance Training & State-Specific Certifications

Employee Onboarding Training

Create one central online branded academy that provides everything needed to train, engage and develop your talent — including training new staff to understand your rules and work culture, and their specific jobs.

Sexual Harassment Training

Add relevant employee training to your online academy that gets your staff up to speed on laws around on-the-job sexual harassment — and protect your establishment from a business-destroying EEOC lawsuit.

Food Handler Certification

Ensure your staff members have proper safety training and licenses to serve food in compliance with the law. Receive 30/60/90 day notices when employees need to retake their certification courses and assign a date to take it.

Alcohol Server Certification

Identifying exceptions keeps compliance in-check. Prevent managers from scheduling employees with an expired certification.
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