One restaurant management software with visibility and cost controls across every stores

Solve for today's challenges and tomorrow's growth with a modular, restaurant management software that helps multi-unit managers plan for the expected and quickly adapt to the unexpected.
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A Foundation for multi-unit restaurant operators

Operators today are dealing with an increasing amount of uncertainty. Multiply that uncertainty across many stores, and things can quickly get out of control. The missing link? A next generation back office platform that helps good managers become great managers faster.


Manage inventory, labor, financials & cash

Taking inventory, forecasting, ordering, reconciling invoices, scheduling – these are familiar concepts. We take it one step further, focusing on the exceptions rather than dealing with the noise of reports. Intelligent workflows alert managers with insights to capitalize on a revenue-generating opportunity or take corrective action before it impacts you financially. See how restaurant management software will optimize your labor and control food costs.

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Process accountability, predictable profitability

The more stores in your operation the more you need to set clear objectives and expectations for your teams – whether that’s a store opening or a new franchise. Predictive analytics brings context to the massive amounts of data you collect to predict future outcomes based on each store’s unique events. Our intelligent forecasting engine tunes itself over time, accounting for prime costs while integrating external demand drivers such as weather, events and national holidays.

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Robust reporting that drives action

What’s driving traffic? How did the latest LTO perform? Did weather or an event impact your sales last week? To stay nimble and adapt to change, you’ve got to reduce the number of vendors and connect the data your stores collect in a meaningful way so that you spend less time duct-taping systems and more time analyzing critical KPIs, monitoring trends, testing ideas, and measuring success. See more ways we unlock visibility and drive operational consistency.

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Manage talent & performance

Investing in your team’s performance and development isn’t just good business, it’s a recipe for long-term success. Immerse your teams in a learning experience that looks and feels like your brand and promotes your company’s values. More than one brand? No problem. Administrate all of your brands from a next generation learning management system.

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Prevent problems before they happen

Connected data and devices provide real-time alerts for variances, thresholds, schedule compliance conflicts, event out-of-tolerance temperatures. The more data and devices you connect, the more managers can proactively resolve issues before they have a negative financial impact.

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