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When your managers need to build accurate online employee schedules, track hours, email payroll, handle shift swaps and keep the lines of communication open - HotSchedules has you covered.
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A leader in online employee scheduling

HotSchedules helps independent operators bring more structure, more organization and more accountability to the business with online employee scheduling, communication and above-store reporting tools. Managers love us for our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scheduler. Our mobile work schedule app is the third most downloaded on iTunes and receives five-star ratings from many of the 2.5 million employees who use it – sometimes two or three times a day! In fact, we’re often called a “life-saver.” We like to call it work-life balance.


Schedules in 75% less time

We help managers create online employee schedules up to 75% faster with time-off requests and availabilities built right in. The award-winning HotSchedules mobile app makes it easy for employees to access their schedules and communicate with colleagues anywhere, at any time. Once you’ve nailed the schedule, we give you tools to reduce overtime, control early clock-ins, optimize your labor costs and maintain compliance.

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Create accurate schedules using sales and labor trends

Integrate your point of sale to generate sales forecasts with up to 57 weeks of historical data. Input a labor budget to compare your schedule with your goal before posting. View sales forecasts with projected labor to reduce costs and maximize profit. Discover more ways to optimize your labor.

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Communicate anytime, anywhere

The days of endless emails and forgotten voicemails are over. Give employees a mobile scheduling and messaging device and watch the time it takes to create schedules drop. Make employee scheduling easy for managers with an app that enables communication with each other and their employees anytime, anywhere. Get notifications on your mobile device and respond to FOH and BOH issues before they become a problem. See more ways to engage and communicate.

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Time and attendance tools to clock-in anytime, anywhere

Bring your scheduling and time and attendance tracking under one roof. Streamline the payroll process, validate that your schedules and your employees are in compliance, and give employees the transparency they want with visibility into their actual hours worked. Learn more about time and attendance.

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Culver's: The Right Balance of Business Needs and Employee Flexibility

At Culver’s employee happiness and operational efficiency go hand-in-hand. After moving to HotSchedules Labor, Logbook and Time & Attendance Module, the Culver’s of Addison, IL location was able to save managers’ time, energy, and labor costs by optimizing their processes. With a better system in place, they reduced the overall burden on leadership and increased employee attendance. Their new scheduling process has also improved work-life balance for their employees.



“If we notice that someone is dropping a lot of shifts, it gives us the opportunity to open a dialogue and find out if they are unhappy and checked out or are they having a work-life balance issue.”- Todd Eposito, Franchise Owner, Culver’s Addison, IL

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