Power your entire operation with an integrated restaurant system

It's time to take a fresh look at back office and finally solve the people, product and operational challenges that restaurant managers deal with every day.
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Integrate your people, processes and data

Taking inventory, forecasting, ordering, staffing a restaurant, integrating with point of sale systems – these are familiar concepts. But they need to be modernized. In order to keep up with consumer demands, growth opportunities, emerging labor laws and threatened profit margins, enterprise operations need to unlock actionable insights so that operators, managers, and staff can plan for the expected and adapt to the unexpected by using Clarifi’s integrated restaurant system.


Complete control of costs, compliance & operational consistency

Your back office system should bring clarity to your operation – not confusion. Our modern back office platform is intelligent and easy-to-implement. It’s a connected, scalable and secure platform that enables managers to make decisions that control costs, maintain compliance, improve visibility, grow top line revenue, and drive operational consistency.

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Predictive labor, inventory and sales forecasting

Your teams manage a thousand different things during every shift – do they always know which ones are going to have the most impact? Predictive analytics brings context to the data you collect to make predictions about outcomes based on the unique events of each store. Instead of being stuck in a BI tool waiting for a financial report, your back office serves up those actionable insights as alerts in an intelligent workflow.

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Improve visibility & reduce IT costs

Custom reports no longer have to take months of discovery and approval or huge chunks of your budget. We collect your restaurant’s most important information – in-store, near-store and above-store – so that you spend less time duct-taping disparate data and more time measuring how your managers use those insights to hit their numbers. See how Clarifi’s intelligent operating platform works at its core.

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Invest in development, manage performance

Investing in your team’s performance and development isn’t just good business, it’s a recipe for long-term success. Immerse your teams in a learning experience that looks and feels like your brand and promotes your company’s values. More than one brand? No problem. Administrate all of your brands from one platform. See more ways Clarifi Talent Development can support your teams’ success.

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Forecasting & Machine Learning

Predictive analytics, machine learning, data science. These were once just terms for IT teams. Today’s forecasting algorithms are still just as complex – but teams on-the-ground aren’t dealing with algorithms, they’re benefiting from the actionable information that comes from advanced forecasting and machine learning tools.

  • Use your data to drive better decision-making through Clarifi’s actionable insights - recommendations that alert managers to best practices around labor, inventory, financials, cash, compliance, communication and training.

  • Onboard and enable managers to perform at a higher level, faster by using the only automated workflow application developed exclusively for restaurants unique business processes.

  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of regular line checks, task lists, processes and training with an easy-to-use business workflow that walks in-store managers through their day-to-day shift duties

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