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Time and Attendance

Happy Employees, Accurate Paychecks, Better Compliance

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Time and Attendance Overview

Payroll errors can be a pain in the you know what. From tracking your employees’ time and attendance, to reconciling tip adjustments, to amending time card records—it can be an administrative time suck for managers. HotSchedules Time and Attendance makes arguing about money a thing of the past.

Clock-In And Out From Your Phone

Your team already does everything on their phones. Now they can clock into work there, too. Time Clock is an alternative to POS systems and is fully integrated into HotSchedules.

  • Give your teams more visibility into their punches, so managers can avoid pay disputes

  • Gain punctuality controls & mobile alerts

  • Real-time mobile alerts notify managers if an employee is late to clock in or clock out. Same goes for missed meals or breaks

  • Reduce the buddy-punching problem with IP address clock in/out enforcement

  • Reduce time theft with punctuality controls

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Provide Transparency For Punch Times and Changes

Manager view of aggregated punch data and change history. Exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, hours variance are noted in web app. Team members are prompted to acknowledge punch edits.

  • At-a-glance punch review screen

  • Quickly scan aggregated scheduled vs. actual punch data

  • Flag punch exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, scheduled vs actual variance, and more

  • Easily mark them as reviewed

  • Edit locked punches and automatically document in your Punch History

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Ensure Compliance With Local Labor Laws

Give regional and corporate leadership control over how to best configure HotSchedules to adhere to hourly labor laws in the states, counties, and cities.

  • Adhere to hourly labor laws in the states, counties, and cities

  • Assist managers in scheduling minors only when they are legally allowed to work

  • Automatically apply Minor Rules & School Calendar enhancements

  • Give regional and corporate leadership control over local compliance laws

  • Additional rule configurability automates the assignments of Meals and Breaks

  • Generate warnings when a manager is at risk of scheduling a shift that is out of compliance

  • Help leadership address compliance issues before they become an expensive problem

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Automate Payroll To Reduce Errors And Save Time

Consolidated payroll information accessible from a centralized portal with exports designed for integration with payroll processors.

  • Reduce errors due to manual entry

  • Save time with streamlined payroll process and minimize manual entry

  • Administrators manage labor rules according to their geography and compliance needs

  • Popular payroll exports further simplifies the process - Paylocity, ADP, PayCor & PayChex

  • Support for other popular payroll systems and custom mappings of earning codes

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Integrated Schedules Help Reduce Time & Attendance Errors

Simplify employee time tracking and manager payroll administration when you integrate your time and attendance into the best online employee scheduling software. Get sensitive employee information out of expensive, outdated Point of Sale systems and into a cloud-based solution that fully integrates with HotSchedules online scheduling and labor data.

  • Integrated employee time and scheduling data make life easier for your workers, your managers, and your HR team

  • Get a single solution for multiple locations. Instantly access aggregated punch data for all of your restaurant’s locations on one screen in the HotSchedules Above Store Console

  • Access and export clean, pre-formatted files ready to be dropped into popular third-party payroll systems, including ADP, PayChex, Paylocity and PayCor.

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“If you have a point of sale system that does labor or even payroll, the integration of HotSchedules to control and track your labor is great.”

-Eddie Sharon, IT Manager, KWE Group

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