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Create Schedules 75% Faster With Employee Scheduling Software

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Employee Scheduling Software for Today’s Workforce

HotSchedules is the industry’s leading online employee scheduling software, reducing the time it takes managers to create, communicate, and manage employee work schedules. Communicate with your staff the way they want it most, from their phone. Lose the sticky notes, voice mails, and random text messages. No more last-minute calls to the store and no more hard-to-manage spreadsheets.



  • Per employee / month
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full-featured mobile app
  • Mobile shift approvals
  • Time off requests
  • Schedule templates
  • Auto-assign shifts
  • Mobile WebClock
  • Punctuality enforcement
  • Store Logs
  • Mobile compliance alerts
  • Robust reporting
  • POS Integration
  • Forecasting tools

HotSchedules Essentials

Simplify scheduling & communication

  • Per employee / month: $2
  • 24/7 Support: Online
  • Full-featured mobile appYes
  • Mobile shift approvalsYes
  • Time off requestsYes
  • Schedule templatesYes
  • Auto-assign shiftsYes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

HotSchedules Plus

Add time tracking & payroll administration

  • Per employee / month: $4
  • 24/7 Support: Online
  • Full-featured mobile appYes
  • Mobile shift approvalsYes
  • Time off requestsYes
  • Schedule templatesYes
  • Auto-assign shiftsYes
  • Mobile WebClockYes
  • Punctuality enforcementYes
  • Store LogsYes
  • Mobile compliance alertsYes
  • Robust reportingYes
  • No
  • No

HotSchedules Integrated

Integrate your POS
Best for >30 employees

  • Per employee / month: Varies
  • 24/7 Support: Email & Online
  • Full-featured mobile appYes
  • Mobile shift approvalsYes
  • Time off requestsYes
  • Schedule templatesYes
  • Auto-assign shiftsYes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Mobile compliance alertsYes
  • Robust reportingYes
  • POS IntegrationYes
  • Forecasting toolsYes

Schedule Employees Faster Online

HotSchedules online work scheduling app helps you create work schedules faster, approve shift-swaps, and reduce scheduling errors—all with the tap of a button, right from your phone. No matter the size of your operation, HotSchedules gives you the coolest mobile, scheduling tools to manage your workforce the way they want to be managed.

  • Use scheduling template to write schedules 75% faster

  • Reduce scheduling errors, shortages, and overages

  • Employees access and manage their schedules on their phone

  • Any work schedule changes automatically update in the schedule

  • Get overtime alerts, weather alerts, and forecasting tools

  • Eliminate paper and manual scheduling

  • Simplify scheduling with drag-and-drop interface

  • Keep time-off, PTO, availability and hours, in one centralized spot

  • Approve or deny shift transactions in one click

  • Enforce clock-ins and reduce time-theft

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Ensure They Get The Message With Simple Mobile Communication

Enhance employee communication with mobile messaging features. Making work schedule changes? Just text your team. Need a shift covered, right now? Yep, you can do that too. No more bulletin boards, phone calls, sticky notes, lost vacation requests. It's all centralized in the app.

  • Text, message, and email groups by department, company-wide, or an individual

  • Mobile messaging hub for better communication among team-members

  • Mobile access to contact info within app

  • Broadcast messages across stores before employees can view their work schedules

  • Syncs with Google calendar

  • Handle shift swaps and work schedule changes from your phone

  • Make company-wide announcements

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Shift Swaps, Emergency Notifications, Schedule Changes Approved From Phone

Changes to the schedule can’t be avoided, but with HotSchedules, employees can request to swap, release, and pick-up shifts right from their mobile device. With manager approval, the work schedule and roster are instantly updated. Changing a schedule has never been so easy.

  • Release a scheduled shift right from your phone

  • Notify others when you want to pick up a shift

  • Swap shifts between employees then send to manager for approval

  • Any work schedule changes automatically update schedule

  • Employees are notified right on their app

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Employee Compliance Made Simple

Enforce employee punctuality with HotSchedules' Time & Attendance solution, including Mobile WebClock and Integrated Time & Attendance. Your team already does everything from their phones. Now they can clock into work there too.

  • Enforce clock-in and clock out times

  • Sync your work schedule to see actual versus scheduled hours

  • Simplify employee time tracking and payroll administration

  • Aggregate time card, tip, and break entries and process payroll faster

  • Give employees time card transparency through HotSchedules

  • Export aggregated time card information to popular third-party payroll vendors

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Maintain Consistent Control Over Shift and Labor Costs

Robust reporting helps executives and store-level managers keep an eye on sales and labor budgets. Overtime alerts and reports show who is projected to hit overtime, when they’ll hit it, and how much it’s going to cost, so that managers can make adjustments that get results.

  • Use POS sales and labor data to accurately predict future schedules up to four weeks in advance

  • Inventory your labor cost. Analyze your labor spend

  • Compare labor cost across multiple locations

  • Compare year over year, month over month, and day over day

  • Give managers a labor plan instead of a blank check

  • View sales and labor from your phone

  • Generate forecast templates for different sales levels, then use reports to understand what actually happened and continually improve

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Integrate with Your Point-of-Sale (POS)

Integrate labor, sales, guest, and historical data through integrations with multiple POS system integrations. Enforce clock-in/out times and eliminate duplicate schedules. With POS-generated labor and sales data, your employee schedules will be more accurate than ever.

  • Integrate labor, sales, guest, and historical data

  • Sync/Push HotSchedules to POS and vice versa

  • Use historical data to optimize schedules and provide better forecasting

  • Enforce clock-in/out times at POS system

  • Eliminate duplicate schedules

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Add-ons HotSchedules Modules Customized Per Store

Looking for something a little more specific? Our modules were the brainchild of restaurant owners and managers just like you. They make things like above-store reporting, meal period planning, and floor maps a heck of a lot easier to manage. Check out Modules for more details

  • Above Store Console Reporting for above store leadership and executives: View summarized graphical information or drill down to see group or individual location detail.

  • Time & Attendance Module: Simplify employee time tracking and payroll administration. Aggregate time card, tip and break entries, and process payroll faster. Give employees time card and payroll history within HotSchedules and export aggregated time card information to popular third-party payroll vendors.

  • Affordable Care Advisor: Configure ACA settings and manage full-time, part-time, and new hire statuses. Managers see up-to-date reporting in the scheduler to make efficient and intelligent labor decisions.

  • Floor Maps: See a side-by-side view of your floor plan and the roster for each shift. Leverage the Customer Care to create your floor maps for you.

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“I’m on HotSchedules every day between the PC and the app. I look at the roster, and it tells me who is supposed to be where and what time they’re supposed to be there… It’s very convenient because it keeps track of where people should be.”

-Mark Robinson, Tour Supervisor, Big Bus Tours-Chicago

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