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The best-in-class solution that ensures employees deliver the same great experience every time, at every location

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HotSchedules Logbook Keeps Every Location on the Same Page

Stay on top of all aspects of your business, from communication logs to pre-shift checks. Take the guesswork out of restaurant operations with an online restaurant logbook that keeps time-bound, daily notes, and task lists.

Save Time and Ensure Quality with Streamlined Communication Processes

Put an end to the endless emails and crazy back-and-forth with a centralized, mobile communication logbook that helps restaurants create, track and record Tasks, To-Dos, Follow-Up’s, maintenance and more. HotSchedule's Logbook keeps shifts running smoothly without anything falling through the cracks.

  • Access communication logs, shift, and personnel notes from a mobile device

  • Log daily shift and personnel notes in the Store Log

  • Assign Tasks, To-Do's, and Follow-Ups to scheduled employees

  • Comment on To-Do's and Follow-Ups

  • Take action on Tasks, To-Do's and Follow-Ups from a tablet or mobile device

  • Take pictures using your device and save to a Task or To-Do

  • Send broadcast messages and pre-loaded messages to all employees

  • Check in on store activity from your mobile device

  • Automatically archive shift and personnel notes

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Mobile Checklists Help Keep Your Shift Together

Take the guesswork out of what needs to get done. Drive higher performance and guest satisfaction across your operations with the industry’s best checklists for managers and employees.

  • Use restaurant Task List templates based on industry best practices

  • Incorporate customizable Task Lists, To-Do's and workflows

  • Manage permissions based on your organization’s hierarchy

  • Customize, distribute, and assign Task Lists to groups or individual job titles

  • Easily delete or change the status of a Task or To-Do

  • Edit and Access Task Lists offline from your mobile device

  • HACCP-supported Task Lists to enforce food safety plans and standards

  • Create Follow-Ups to correct temperature out-of-tolerance alerts

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Ensure Food Safety & Compliance, Insure Against Loss and Spoilage

Use Cooper-Atkins Blue2 wireless temperature monitoring system to transmit temperature readings from refrigerators, ovens, and other food-warming equipment to your online restaurant logbook. Get notified when a appliances reach critical stages so you can act swiftly.

  • Connect your refrigerators, ovens, and food-warming equipment to our online logbook for real-time reporting of temperature and other data with actionable alerts

  • Get notified when temperature values are out-of-tolerance and create Follow-Up’s so that corrective action is taken

  • Transmit live temperature reads to HotSchedules Logbook mobile app

  • Create a Task List to input regular temperature reads

  • Recommend a Follow-Up based on out-of-tolerance temperatures

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Centralized Logs. Mobile. Searchable. Trackable.

Sales, inspections, guest complaints, employee discipline – whatever happens during the shift, you’ve got it recorded in an online restaurant logbook. Archive manager logs by day, time and category so they are archived and easily searchable.

  • Access communication logs, shift notes, and personnel information from your mobile device

  • Log daily shift and personnel notes in the Store Log

  • Document operational procedures, maintenance schedules, and personnel issues

  • Store important documents and contact information in one spot

  • Archive daily shift records—making it easy to search at a later date

  • Communicate with managers in real-time from anywhere

  • Track special events on a calendar

  • Attach important documents to your daily restaurant checklists or upload to the Library

  • Automatically lock down and archive all shift notes to view at a later date

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Eliminate "Why Didn't You Tell Me?" From Your Vocabulary

No matter how good you and your managers are, you can't work 24/7. It's hard to stay on top of your restaurant checklists, procedures, and communications. Logbook centralizes communication so you are always in the loop. Next time you wake in the middle of the night because you forgot something, just add it to HotSchedules Logbook and rest easy that it will be taken care of in the morning.

  • Receive notifications for overdue and out-of-tolerance task lists

  • Receive notifications when a To-Do or Follow-Up is assigned or overdue

  • Set reminders to receive notifications

  • Receive a message for every new Store Log entry

  • See unanswered messages and respond in the Logbook app

  • View Pending Tasks for employee, Logbook and ACAdvisor tasks

  • Daily Weather modal displays daily forecast

  • House Shift modal displays daily uncovered shifts

  • Send an in-app message to the employee responsible for completing a task

  • Customize your online restaurant logbook notifications so that you only get alerts for the things you care about

  • Manage permissions based on your organization’s hierarchy

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See How Each Location Is Doing — Right From Your Phone

Maintain control of your brand’s communications, checklists, and procedures while giving your groups and franchisees the right permissions. Corporate can create and distribute store-specific Task Lists and documentation at the highest level and monitor operational performance across all stores with robust reporting through the HotSchedules Above Store Console.

  • View Task completion statuses across stores

  • View Store Log entries for all stores

  • Track cash with our Safe Count modal

  • Track deposits with our Store Deposit modal

  • Manage and track special Events on a Calendar at the corporate level

  • Access and search archived logs or reports

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“In one store, we had a shift supervisor who was stealing the deposits and hadn’t hit the bank in about a week. Because the deposits weren’t going in the HotSchedules Logbook, that’s what triggered our accountant to catch it. We didn’t get the money back, but we were allowed to present our time-stamped Logbook entries for store deposits. Those entries helped us win the case.”

-Steve Bradshaw, District Manager, Centertwist Inc.

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