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Learning Management System

A Mobile Friendly Learning and Training Platform

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Learning Management System Overview

The training game has changed and the last thing learners want to do is read a paper manual. Your team wants to interact in real time with their colleagues and your brand. From boomers to millennials, HotSchedules Train is flexible yet simple enough to accommodate all types of content and styles of learning. Train is a learning management platform that is mobile-first and easy-to-access. It allows employees to get trained fast, in an engaging way, and grow with your brand.

A Powerful Library At Your Fingertips

Combine your branded training materials with HotSchedule's impressive library of curricula for on-the-go learning that turns the average worker into a super-human. Build your own company-branded online training academy with industry-specific courses, curricula, and exams by job and/or region.

  • Build your own branded online training academy with curricula specific to your company

  • Create custom content for your corporate library

  • Upload your own training material and convert virtually any file type (DOC, PPT, PDF, all video files)

  • Add resources from other websites to your brand’s training library in seconds

  • Access your library from anywhere via mobile device

  • Customize and assign access to courses based on user location and roles

  • Import public training courses into your academy

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Engagement Is Key to Employee Loyalty

Engagement starts as soon as your employee reaches out to you for a job. Keep them excited by encouraging their growth. Learners can begin their training from anywhere they have internet access—in line for coffee, on the bus, or at home on the couch. And since the content from HotSchedules Train is interactive and social, your team will be more engaged than ever. Automate training, quizzes, certifications, and other courses necessary to keep your employees learning and growing with your brand.

  • Easily create courses and curricula for your teams

  • Build exams and quizzes from templates and quickly check the results

  • Assign courses to one employee or the whole team across locations with just a few clicks

  • Award badges to recognize key accomplishments

  • Get feedback with built-in polls and let teams rate and review courses to encourage collaboration

  • Maximize retention with blended training that tracks instructor-led sessions, on-the-job training and all online courses and quizzes

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Interactive Learning On-The-Go

Your employees are glued to their phones. HotSchedules enables them to learn on-the-go, in line for coffee, while on a break, or on a plane. Engage, encourage, and retain them with a mobile, social e-learning platform. Welcome to the cool new you.

  • HotSchedules Integrated Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Native Android and iOS applications

  • Mobile discussion boards, course ratings, and reviews

  • Badges and gamification features

  • The only LMS able to restrict access to content based on location and WiFi

  • Convenient, location-independent training consumption on mobile devices

  • Mobile access ensures higher job satisfaction and improved competencies

  • Increase opportunities for advancement through skills training and on-the-job education

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We Learn From Each Other

Mobility and social interaction is key for training today’s restaurant workforce and— remember today’s team members become tomorrow’s leaders. Create small communities for any topic to stimulate communication, file sharing, and collaboration among peers.

  • Facilitate communication through company—wide news feeds and discussion boards

  • Share news and other fresh content with employees fast

  • Team members can track their peers' progress

  • Allow employees to praise peers and track peers' progress

  • Award badges to recognize key accomplishments

  • Use leaderboards to drive friendly competition

  • Let employees build profiles that show their qualifications and accomplishments

  • Send out instant course announcements

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Rewarding Performance And Promoting Growth

An intelligent algorithm ranks employees on jobs and skills, so you can discover team members’ strengths, find the right talent for any job, and plan for succession. With this kind of information at hand, you know who needs further training, who has the skills to be pushed to the next level, and create a team that understands how to help each other succeed.

  • Compare data across multiple stores

  • Link important skills to your jobs and design courses to boost those skills

  • Choose from manual or automated assessments

  • See rankings for job skills and track your all-stars

  • Find the best candidates in any location for any position based on their ranks

  • Automatically produce better schedules with the right people in the right places

  • Retain your people by mapping out a career path

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Engage, Retain, and Promote

Create personalized learning paths that your employees can follow to acquire the skills and knowledge they need for any job. Continuous learning opportunities help employees from feeling stagnant, bored, or stuck in their career. Help them move forward and create a win/win for everyone.

  • Offer employees continuous learning options so they can grow with you

  • Provide industry certifications, leadership, and management courses

  • Empower your employees to help themselves achieve their own aspirations

  • Let employees access personalized course suggestions to further their careers

  • See which learning paths your employees are following and track their progress

  • Help employees succeed wherever they go with printable certifications

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Is Everyone Compliant With State Regulations? Answer Yes, With Confidence.

Thanks to a partnership with 360 Training, you can offer your team members unlimited access to a library of Food Safety and Responsible Alcohol Service training courses. Add in our additional Workplace Skills and Restaurant Compliance Courses and your online training academy just needs your logo to be complete!

  • Provide certifications for workplace skills, safety, and compliance training

  • Track and organize certifications, achievements, and compliance for each employee

  • Employees can access the marketplace for individualized training

  • Brand industry specific courses from our immense library

  • Get instant access to ANSI-accredited Food Handler and Manager programs

  • State specific Responsible Alcohol Training and Certifications

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Learn How To Improve Your Business Through Specialized Training

Correlate any Key Performance Indicator with your training metrics to discover relationships between training and business performance. Get all the information you need to set training goals and improve your business, whether it's sales, customer satisfaction, or productivity.

  • Measure the impact that training has on your business by defining KPIs

  • Manage different KPIs, like revenue statements, customer satisfaction averages and more

  • Gain insight into how long it takes after training to see results

  • Explore the impacts of both ongoing and seasonal training for your employees

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Instant Insights Into Training & Progress

Managers have to wear a ton of different hats —making it pretty easy to let an area or an employee slip through the cracks. With learning reports you get instant insights into training progress, areas that an employee struggles with, and who is killing it. HotSchedules makes it easier to stay on top of every little detail so no employee gets left behind.

  • Access everything in one place with the easy-to-use reporting dashboard

  • Quickly understand the progress of each employee

  • Assist an employee where they are struggling

  • See franchisee reporting from all of your locations

  • Export reporting data directly to excel

  • Track your team as they move through courses and exams

  • Report on progress and provide badges or certificates for completion

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“We already had HotSchedules and Train was fully integrated with HotSchedules, providing a single login and password for our scheduling, training and POS systems, which was a huge advantage over other training systems.”

-Zack Phillips, Performance Development and Culture Manager for Newk's Eatery

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