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Labor Management

Make Advanced Labor Forecasting Simple

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Is Labor Eating Away At Your Profits?

Built with general managers, and multi-unit managers in mind, our Labor Management solutions are designed to forecast needs and drive executional excellence. With advanced reporting and labor forecasting capabilities, we help you schedule the right people at the right time to reduce labor costs by as much as two percent.

Schedule Management Tightens Labor Costs

Sticky notes, spreadsheets, and phone calls are scheduling challenges for any service industry. The HotSchedules app reduces the time it takes managers to create, communicate, and manage employee work schedules.

  • Use scheduling templates to write schedules 75% faster

  • Enforce clock-ins and reduce time-theft

  • Monitor actual vs. scheduled hours and reduce unplanned overtime

  • Reduce scheduling errors, shortages, and overages

  • Get overtime alerts, weather alerts, and forecasting tools

  • Simplify scheduling with drag-and-drop interface

  • Keep time-off, PTO, availability, and hours in one spot

  • Approve or deny shift transactions in one click

  • Copy scheduling templates week-to-week

  • View an up-to-date Daily Roster Report

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Streamline Payroll Processes

Scheduling is only one side of the whole labor management story. You want to capture and manage all of the actual hours worked too. HotSchedules' Time & Attendance solution streamlines the payroll process for employees, managers, HR, and payroll administrators.

  • Simplify employee time tracking and payroll administration

  • Aggregate time card, tip and break entries, and process payroll faster

  • Give employees time card and payroll history within HotSchedules

  • Export aggregated time card information to popular third-party payroll vendors

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Stretch Your Labor In The Right Directions

Take immediate steps to get the most out of your labor dollars. HotSchedules solutions will help cut costs, manage your business, and measure performance to produce the right results. HotSchedules integrates with your Point of Sale system to track data that will allow you to optimize your labor spend.

  • Scheduling templates reduce the time it takes managers to produce schedules

  • Control overtime costs with Overtime Warning Reports

  • Build schedules based on sales or guest volume data

  • Take into account variables like weather, events, and marketing initiatives

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Eliminate Scheduling Guesswork With Automatic Labor Forecasting

HotSchedules' Activity Based Forecasting module lets you quickly and easily translate historical data, such as sales, revenue centers, weather, guest counts, and more into your optimal labor needs. Set hourly thresholds and target labor and budget costs for one store or 1,000.

  • Generate forecasts based on any combination of weekly trends

  • Estimate sales and labor, then preview and adjust forecasts

  • Create shifts automatically based on forecasted data

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Be Confident About Labor Compliance

We know that legislation is ever-changing and constantly affects our customers. That's why we offer operators the freedom and flexibility to manage rules according to your geography and compliance needs. The HotSchedules Above Store Console (ASC) allows you to maintain compliance across all of your stores, wherever they may be.

  • Minor's rules can comprise multiple age ranges, accommodate the various states’ requirements

  • Schedule according to schooldays and recognized holidays based on school districts in the area

  • Create rule sets for your organization's meal/break policies

  • Enforce California penalty break rules

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Better Communication Equals Less Labor Waste

Your employees need good communication — they want to know what’s happening so they’re not the last to find out important information. Bulletin boards don't cut it and neither do group text messages. We make it easy to communicate every important message via phone — keeping communication seamless, employees engaged, and stress to a minimum.

  • Send messages within the HotSchedules app

  • Text everyone, a specific group, or a single employee

  • Produce messages that must be read before employees can view schedule

  • Create and edit surveys or polls that can be communicated companywide

  • Share videos and other company-wide announcements that can be seen when employees log in

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Engaged Employees Are More Productive

Engaged employees are happier. Being happier means they do better work, become more loyal, show more respect, and provide a better customer experience. Meaning you gain subtle control over your labor management. That’s all the more reason to provide your managers with the right tools to keep employees engaged.

  • Recognize good work with messages and announcements

  • Enable employees to be social with each other via app

  • Disseminate videos with regular goals and initiatives

  • Obtain feedback to engage with your workforce

  • Encourage learning and advancement

  • Ask, ask, ask, for employee feedback. What went good during the shift, what didn't work?

  • Create competitions among peer for team building and comradery

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Transparency At The Highest Level

The Above Store Console's robust reporting helps executives and store-level managers keep an eye on sales and labor budgets.

  • Get reporting and visibility on your labor across multiple stores

  • See into all of your stores’ sales, labor costs, labor percent, and overtime

  • See actual sales, projected sales, and the variance between the two

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“There’s no question that restaurants who don’t use a labor modeling or management solution are losing revenue. By implementing our model and using HotSchedules as the tool to provide us with the necessary visibility, we were able to lower our labor costs by 70–90 basis points per location.”

-Thomas Broussard, Director of Performance Management, Uno Restaurants

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