Clarifi Labor

The same HotSchedules employee scheduling software the industry knows and loves — now with enhanced functionality and full back office integration.

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Simple Employee Scheduling, Powerful Labor Management

Schedule the right people at the right time and reduce labor costs by as much as two percent. Since 1999, this has been the goal for HotSchedules and the benefit that we have delivered to more than 35,000 restaurants and hospitality businesses. Clarifi Labor represents an evolution of HotSchedules’ employee scheduling software to include consolidated communications and planning tools to help managers make data-driven decisions before, during and after the shift. Coupled with an automated forecasting engine, Clarifi Labor is our most advanced Labor solution yet.

The Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Sticky notes, spreadsheets, and phone calls are employee scheduling challenges for any service industry. Reduce the time it takes to create, communicate, and manage employee work schedules with Clarifi Labor. Just like HotSchedules, Clarifi Labor includes the full-featured mobile app that offers over 3 million end users an easy way to access their schedules, swap and pick up shifts, request time-off, approve shift transactions and communicate with team members. It’s the most powerful way to engage and empower today’s modern workforce.

  • Build employee schedules 75% faster with modern drag-and-drop interface and ready-made templates

  • Reduce employee scheduling errors, shortages, and overages

  • Limit unplanned overtime

  • Access time-off, PTO, and team member availability in one spot

  • Approve or deny shift transactions on any device—with one click

  • Easy access to the Daily Roster Report

  • Create compliant employee schedules with consideration for minor labor, meals and breaks, predictive scheduling, fair work week, and more

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Streamline Payroll Processes

Employee scheduling is only one side of the labor-management equation. You want to capture and manage all of the actual hours worked, too. Add Time & Attendance to your HotSchedules labor solution for simplified payroll administration that keeps employees happy and payroll compliant.

  • Enforce clock-ins and reduce time theft

  • Aggregate time card, tip and break entries, and process payroll faster

  • Give employees time card and payroll history within HotSchedules

  • Export aggregated time card information to popular third-party payroll vendors

  • Keep payroll compliant with special pay calculations for meals, breaks and predictive scheduling

  • Add the WebClock for a mobile option with geo-fencing cost controls

  • Stay informed with mobile alerts for overtime, missed clock ins and more (WebClock only)

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Eliminate the Guesswork with Advanced Forecasting

Accurate sales predictions, optimized labor, and on-target inventory levels are required to achieve profitability. Clarifi's advanced forecasting engine puts these goals within reach for managers at every skill level. The system uses multiple algorithms to automatically generate a best-fit forecast for each location ensuring that best practices are followed consistently. Documentation of valuable local market knowledge is preserved with manager-led adjustments. Forecast adjustments are clearly displayed for in-store and above store insights, inspiring data-driven decisions regarding the restaurant’s two largest cost centers.

  • Forecast adjustments are presented in easy-to-read dashboards accompanied by the contextual data

  • This transparency builds trust between the manager and the application

  • The modern and intuitive interface makes it easy to review forecast adjustments and the associated impact creating a continuous feedback loop and opportunities for coaching

  • Input all promotions and events for a historical understanding of how your projections changed over time

  • KPI dashboard tiles keep managers informed on how actuals compare to the forecast with data updates every 15 minutes

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Reduce Risk with Compliant Schedules & Payroll

As labor legislation continues to grow in complexity, so does the risk of financial penalties. Clarifi Labor compliance tools empower managers to make informed employee scheduling decisions while maintaining consideration for the work-life balance of their team members. Whether you're managing a team of minors, assigning meals and breaks or trying to keep up with Predictive Scheduling regulations, Clarifi Labor helps managers schedule with confidence.

  • Configure labor rules by geography and compliance requirements

  • Catch employee scheduling mistakes before posting with built-in alerts

  • Automate the scheduling of meals, breaks and minor labor

  • Continuous updates ensure compliance with evolving fair work week and Predictive Scheduling provisions

  • Ensure payroll compliance after the schedule is posted by adding Time & Attendance

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Plan for the Day, Reflect on the Past, Improve in the Future

Clarifi’s consolidated planning and communications tools empower managers to make decisions on the spot while improving their productivity. Store managers stay in sync, marching toward the same objectives through a powerful combination of mobile-enabled tools and at-a-glance information. Whatever happens before, during and after the shift, it’s electronically documented, providing context and continuous insights for busy operations teams.

  • KPI Dashboard tiles present hourly data updates so managers know where they stand with their forecast and schedules

  • Actionable Insights leverage two or more data sources to identify trends that require action, such as forecast variances, excessive comps and voids, and out-of-tolerance temperature beacons

  • Combining the store calendar with shift notes enables context for changes made throughout the shift and the results from the previous day

  • Communicate at any time, on any device

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Engaged Employees Are More Productive

Today’s workforce wants to be part of something. Part of a team and part of your vision; working together towards a common goal. Encourage that behavior with engagement tools that are mobile, social and connected to the employee scheduling app they use every day. The HotSchedules community has grown to include over 3 million active and engaged hospitality workers—with over 60% of their communications taking place on our highly-rated mobile application. Choose a labor-management tool that not only helps control the cost of your workforce but helps you retain and develop them as well.

  • Recognize good work with broadcast messages to a region, a specific location or one-on-one

  • Mobile messaging encourages employees to stay connected - to each other and your brand

  • Shift surveys keep managers informed of what went well during the shift and what didn't work

  • All communications are electronically documented, archived and searchable

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Integrate for Schedules that Match Forecasted Demand

Online employee scheduling results in time savings and happier employees. But scheduling based on a forecast is where the real savings and labor management begins. HotSchedules integrates with most popular restaurant systems, including the latest cloud-based POS such as Toast, Revel and Brink. With multiple options for HotSchedules integration, our Solutions team will work with your IT staff to maximize your HotSchedules investment. POS-generated labor and sales data will allow your employee scheduling to be more accurate than ever.

  • Integrate historical labor, sales, and guest data with your chosen POS for savings of up to 2%

  • Enforce clock-in/out times and eliminate duplicate schedules

  • Create schedules based on forecasted sales demand rather than gut instinct

  • Limit the cost of overtime by scheduling with historical sales data

  • Ensure that you have enough staff to keep your customers happy and coming back for more

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“As soon as we implemented HotSchedules, we went from taking 3-4 hours creating schedules to 45 minutes, an hour, max. That saves a lot of money on wasted labor and allows us to be more focused on store operations.”