Clarifi Inventory

Save time and money with a modern, mobile Inventory management application that will improve manager productivity and counting accuracy.

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An Inventory Management App Designed for Restaurant Managers

Clarifi Inventory is a modern, easy-to-use inventory management application that enables managers to understand theoretical costs and eliminate waste through efficient counting and ordering, tighter production, and visibility to menu profitability. At HotSchedules, it’s been our goal since 1999 to build applications that simplify day-to-day operations for managers and their teams — our approach to Inventory management is no different. Clarifi Inventory is fully integrated with HotSchedules, the industry’s most widely-adopted scheduling, and labor solution, giving managers a truly integrated view of food and labor costs in a single, scalable back-office platform.

Save Time, Improve Accuracy and Increase Visibility

Drive accuracy in your inventory management while also saving valuable time with quick and efficient count entry. Reduce counting errors before committing data to financials with visibility into counts that exceed configured variance thresholds.

  • Scheduled tasks with pre-configured items populated for managers to tackle counting with confidence and speed

  • Visual indicators immediately call attention to exceptions

  • Enter data once and eliminate the need for repeat data entry into a spreadsheet

  • Shelf-to-sheet counting across the kitchen

  • Focus attention on high-value items with configurable Spot Counts

  • Add items on-the-fly to your counting location and filter for uncounted items

  • Count the way you want with in-app support for multiple units of measure

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Transfer Product with Ease

Send and receive transfers between locations with a single click.

  • Track delivery details including the employee transporting a product, or the date and time product was shipped, to make life easy for your accountant

  • Seamlessly update on-hand inventory with latest costs

  • Filter by unreconciled transfers to take instant action

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Drive Consistency and Lower Inventory Costs

With an integrated, flexible, online restaurant inventory management software for ordering, receiving, and invoicing, managers will reduce their data entry time, discrepancies, and costs. Admins can schedule regular delivery through vendor integrations, and insights will prompt managers to order again when stock runs low.

  • Easily identify system-suggested quantities and user input quantities

  • Suggested ordering by forecast, UPT (units per thousand), or PAR

  • Add exceptions on-the-fly to your inventory lists

  • Integrate with vendors and easily reconcile invoices in one place

  • Improve receiving and invoicing processes to catch ingredient cost discrepancies

  • Quick receiving from either electronic invoices or purchase orders

  • AP Export error detection with a wizard to ensure invoiced items are associated to a GL account

  • Keep a comprehensive digital archive of invoices

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Optimize your Recipes for Guest Satisfaction and Profitability

Ensure the consistency of your guests’ favorite recipes while uncovering opportunities to improve profitability.

  • Localize and test recipes with regional preferences by ingredient and amount

  • Use recipe copy feature for quick configuration of similar recipes

  • Analyze menu profitability with menu prices and ingredient costs all in one place

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Thaw, Prep and Produce with Consistency Every Day

Maintain a high-quality, consistent product while limiting waste.

  • Minimize over-production and reduce food waste with a forecasting algorithm

  • Control daily and hourly frequency, units of measure, and minimum quantity for production

  • Manage hold time, shelf life, and delivery time before freshness is lost

  • “Prepped on-hand” flag for prepped items to account like inventory items

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