Clarifi Inventory

Tighten the belt around the entire inventory management process

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Take control of the entire inventory management process

Clarifi Inventory is a modern, easy-to-use inventory management solution that helps managers and their teams move seamlessly through their shifts with guided workflows and real-time insights – eliminating waste and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Save Time and Increase Visibility

Drive accuracy while also saving valuable time with quick and efficient count entry. Reduce counting errors before committing data to financials with visibility into counts that exceed configured variance thresholds.

  • Streamlined on-boarding process and simple interface simplifies the complex process of inventory management for store-level managers

  • Guided inventory management and thresholds prevent mistakes before they happen

  • Configurable workflow results in actionable, on-time data insights

  • Financial review and out-of-tolerance notifications improve accuracy and accountability

  • Fully integrated with the industry’s most widely-adopted scheduling and labor solution

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Drive Consistency and Lower Inventory Costs

Generate an order for a vendor across multiple ordering types to help eliminate inconsistencies and gain insights into cost with an integrated and flexible ordering system.

  • Suggested ordering by Forecast, UPT or PAR

  • Easily identify system suggested quantities and user input quantities

  • Integrate with or email orders directly to vendors

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Improve Inventory Accuracy with Better Insights

Reduce data entry time and increase inventory accuracy by receiving against your order. Take immediate corrective actions on critical short shipments.

  • Get better control on receiving and counting processes

  • See into more inventory errors and use insights to spot waste problems

  • Quickly queue draft transactions for receiving exceptions that create low on-hand

  • Support for catch weight

  • Track deposit return items

  • Return damaged or incorrect items

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Maintain Consistent Inventory Records

Reduce the discrepancies and the cost with an integrated, online inventory invoicing process

  • Reconcile invoices in one central, integrated workflow

  • Identify and resolve cost exceptions

  • Keep a comprehensive digital archive of invoices

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Manage Ingredients and Recipes

Track the cost of ingredients and recipes. Understand how portion size your costs and uncover opportunities to improve profitability.

  • Effective dating by recipe and ingredients

  • Manage depletion by destination or store group

  • Menu modeling for analysis of cost and profitability by various ingredients, quantities, and vendor sources

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Maintain Visibility into Inter-Unit Transfers

Send, receive or reject transfers between locations to better track inventory.

  • Track delivery details including Employee transporting product, date and time product was shipped

  • Add comments and reasons for rejected transfers

  • Report on unreconciled transfers

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