Clarifi Inventory

Always know what’s happening with your cash-driving assets.

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Gain more control of your inventory management process

Clarifi Inventory is a modern, easy-to-use food and beverage inventory management solution that helps managers and their teams move seamlessly through their shifts with guided workflows and real-time insights – eliminating waste and maximizing revenue opportunities through improved controls, tighter production, and sophisticated menu modeling.

Save Time and Increase Visibility

Drive accuracy while also saving valuable time with quick and efficient count entry. Reduce counting errors before committing data to financials with visibility into counts that exceed configured variance thresholds.

  • Streamlined on-boarding process simplifies the complex process of inventory management for store-level managers

  • Flagged variances help prevent mistakes before they happen

  • Configurable workflow results in on-time data insights to increase accountability and investigate cost issues

  • Financial review and out-of-tolerance notifications improve accuracy and accountability

  • Fully integrated with the industry’s most widely-adopted scheduling and labor solution

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Monitor Inter-Unit Transfers

Send, receive or reject transfers between locations to track inventory.

  • Track delivery details including the employee transporting a product, or the date and time product was shipped, to make life easy for your accountant

  • Seamlessly update on-hand inventory

  • Add comments for rejected transfers

  • Report on unreconciled transfers

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Drive Consistency and Lower Inventory Costs

With an integrated, flexible, online restaurant inventory software for ordering, receiving, and invoicing, managers will reduce their data entry time, discrepancies, and costs. Admins can schedule regular delivery through vendor integrations, and insights will prompt managers to order again when stock runs low.

  • Easily identify system suggested quantities and user input quantities

  • Suggested ordering by forecast, UPT (units per thousand), or PAR

  • Integrate with or email orders directly to vendors and easily reconcile invoices in one central workflow

  • Improve control of receiving, counting, and invoicing processes to catch cost discrepancies

  • See into inventory errors and use insights to spot waste problems

  • Support for catch weight (items delivered in multiple units of measure) and deposit return items

  • Keep a comprehensive digital archive of invoices

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Manage Ingredients in Recipes

Track the cost of recipes and fluctuations based on ingredients. Understand how portion size impacts your costs and uncover opportunities to improve profitability.

  • Embed training videos to standardize recipe assembly

  • Update nutrition facts to meet compliance requirements

  • Detail recipe execution

  • Menu modeling for analysis of profitability by ingredient usage and vendor sources

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Thaw, Prep and Produce with Consistency Every Day

  • Production schedule pulls from a just-in-time forecast to direct line employees across stations on the best time to thaw-prep items

  • Manage depletion by destination or store group

  • Centralize processes to drive consistent food safety and quality best practices

  • Increase capacity, minimize over-production, and reduce food waste

  • Save time with copy-and-paste production schedule templates

  • Simplify employee software engagement with an intuitive user interface

  • Control daily and hourly frequency, units of measure, and minimum quantity for production

  • Coordinate ingredients mapped to recipes and alert managers of stock outs

  • Manage hold time, shelf life, and delivery time before freshness is lost

  • “Prepped on-hand” flag for prepped items to account like inventory items

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