Clarifi Overview

Clarifi marries business rules, internal and external data, flexible reporting capabilities, restaurant forecasting and intelligent workflows to help managers productively plan for the expected and adapt to the unexpected.

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Clarifi Provides all the Essential Building Blocks of a Modern Restaurant Back Office

In an industry run on small margins, high operating costs and an ever-evolving workforce, it’s the little decisions that make a big difference. Manager empowerment and data-driven decisions are made possible through technology that delivers just-in-time operational Insights, continuous on-the-job learning, shift-to-shift communications, restaurant forecasting, and a platform that seamlessly connects with other applications through an open API.

Eliminate the Guesswork with Advanced Forecasting

Accurate sales predictions, optimized labor, and on-target inventory levels are required to achieve profitability. Clarifi's advanced forecasting engine puts these goals within reach for managers at every skill level. The system uses multiple algorithms to automatically generate a best-fit forecast for each location ensuring that best practices are followed consistently. Documentation of valuable local market knowledge is preserved with manager-led adjustments. Forecast adjustments are clearly displayed for in-store and above store insights, inspiring data-driven decisions regarding the restaurant’s two largest cost centers.

  • Clarifi forecasting enables managers at all levels to make data-driven decisions regarding labor and inventory—the two biggest costs centers

  • Forecast adjustments are presented in easy-to-read dashboards accompanied by the contextual data. This transparency builds trust between the manager and the application

  • The modern and intuitive interface makes it easy to review forecast adjustments and the associated impact creating a continuous feedback loop and opportunities for coaching

  • Input all promotions and events for a historical understanding of how your projections changed over time

  • KPI dashboard tiles keep managers informed on how actuals compare to the forecast with data updates every 15 minutes

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Plan for the Day, Reflect on the Past, Improve in the Future

Clarifi’s consolidated planning and communications tools empower managers to make decisions on the spot while improving their productivity. Store managers stay in sync, marching toward the same objectives through a powerful combination of mobile-enabled tools and at-a-glance information. Whatever happens before, during and after the shift, it’s electronically documented, providing context and continuous insights for busy operations teams.

  • KPI Dashboard tiles present hourly data updates so managers know where they stand with their forecast and schedules

  • Actionable Insights leverage two or more data sources to identify trends that require action, such as forecast variances, excessive comps and voids, and out-of-tolerance temperature beacons

  • Combining the store calendar with shift notes enables context for changes made throughout the shift and the results from the previous day

  • Communicate at any time, on any device

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Increase Productivity, Improve Accuracy and Build Accountability

Clarifi’s integrated Workflow application provides managers with a guide to their daily objectives in a single, collaborative application. On-board and enable new managers to perform at a higher level, faster.

  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of line checks, task lists, and other processes with this easy-to-use feature accessible from the Clarifi homepage

  • Accountability is improved through prescriptive, conditional follow-up tasks in accordance with operational best practices

  • Streamline the manager's day by incorporating third-party applications in a workflow, including payroll, social review sites, etc.

  • Measure results with workflow status and completion reports that can be shared throughout the organization

  • View progress and check off the completion of tasks on any device

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Easily Track Your Most Important Metrics

Clarifi Reports are built for an at-a-glance understanding of key metrics and exception data. The unique hybrid report/dashboard format presents critical information up-front and allows for a one-click drill down into the details. Sharing is easy with automated email delivery and export options resulting in maximum visibility across the organization.

  • Clarifi delivers multiple reports on all modules including Labor, Inventory, and Cash

  • Track your most important metrics including sales, labor, voids, and much more

  • View, schedule, and print module-specific reports that are most important to you

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“If you have a point of sale system that does labor or even payroll, the integration of HotSchedules to control and track your labor is great.”

-Eddie Sharon, IT Manager, KWE Group

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