Clarifi Foundation

Clarifi Foundation marries business rules, internal and external data, flexible reporting capabilities and intelligent workflows to help managers productively plan for the expected and adapt to the unexpected.

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Turn Good Managers into Great Managers with advance restaurant forecasting

In an industry run on small margins, high operating costs and an ever-evolving workforce, it’s the little decisions that make a big difference. Manager empowerment and data-driven decisions are made possible through technology that delivers just-in-time operational Insights, continuous on-the-job learning, shift-to-shift communications and a platform that seamlessly connects with other applications through an open API.

Intelligent Workflow

Intelligent Workflow connects in-store managers to their data, processes and corporate objectives in a single, collaborative application.

  • Use your data to drive better decision-making through Clarifi’s actionable insights - recommendations that alert managers to best practices around labor, inventory, financials, cash, compliance, communication and training.

  • Onboard and enable managers to perform at a higher level, faster by using the only automated workflow application developed exclusively for restaurants unique business processes.

  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of regular line checks, task lists, processes and training with an easy-to-use business workflow that walks in-store managers through their day-to-day shift duties

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Clarifi's reporting engine aggregates your data and puts it to work for both in-store and above-store teams across the operation, giving operations continuous visibility into manager and franchise performance metrics.

  • Access reports and dashboards that show managers key metrics and exception data for quick resolution.

  • Access standard reports for the Clarifi Labor, Inventory and Foundation modules.

  • Create custom reporting dashboards with daily performance metrics.

  • Track your most important metrics including sales, labor, voids, and much more.

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Shift Communication

  • Improve the communication between above store leadership, managers and their teams with a powerful combination of communication tools located in one centralized hub.

  • Send polls and surveys to in-store managers to gather feedback and opinions on important operations and decisions.

  • Send messages to any combination of stores, regions, or concept types.

  • Store and share your brand’s relevant documents, contact lists, store calendars and more.

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Clarifi’s scalable and intelligent forecasting engine learns from the ebb and flow of your business to continuously improve your forecasting precision.

  • Use the advanced forecasting engine across both the Labor and Inventory modules for even more powerful projections.

  • Aggregate data from connected applications to forecast based on weather, seasonality, events and more.

  • Predict business volume and optimize your people, product and operational levels to control costs and deliver a great guest experience.

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Clarifi delivers operational Insights, KPI dashboards and custom reports that are as rich as the applications and systems that connect to it.

  • Open APIs and standard POS integrations offer a truly aggregated view of all your data in one system.

  • Access your data in one application and build reports that fit the metrics you want to see - no IT or custom development required.

  • Easily adapt to the dynamics of the business, meet performance objectives and gain a professional competitive edge through timely Insights and continuous on-the-job learning.

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  • Manage your operations’ hierarchies from one central backend platform.

  • Simplify employee management with a centralized sign-up and implementation process.

  • Give your teams one single sign-on to access their most crucial operational tools.

  • Configure business rules and brand standards at an above-store level.

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“If you have a point of sale system that does labor or even payroll, the integration of HotSchedules to control and track your labor is great.”

-Eddie Sharon, IT Manager, KWE Group

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