Clarifi Financials & Cash

Track the movement of financials & cash and uncover opportunities to generate revenue and cut costs.

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Get to the bottom of your bottom line with restaurant accounting software

With Clarifi Financials & Cash, stores can track the movement of cash at every point, from customer payment at a POS to safe drops to bank deposits. With tools to monitor shorts or paid-outs, and confirm all amounts for shifts and the day, managers are able to quickly spot any issues and make corrective decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

Cash Reconciliation

From the time it's collected from the POS until it is deposited at the bank, track your cash from end-to-end.

  • Support for blind counts of cash drawers and safes

  • Track deposits by the bag number, the time stamp and the employee dropping it at the bank

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Flexible reporting engine allows for custom report building, collaboration and expandable sections that allow managers to drill down into the details

  • Receive weekly and intra-period P&L reports

  • View aggregated data from your POS as well as Clarifi Inventory and Labor

  • Run reports and compare to budgets and the prior period

  • Access easy-to-read summaries of the day’s cashier and drawer reconciliations

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Intelligent Workflow

Integrate cash-related tasks such as safe counts into the daily workflow, and track accountability at an above-store level.

  • Cashier statistics alerts allows managers to head off problems before they occur

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