Clarifi Cash

Track the movement of cash, drive accountability, and uncover vulnerabilities throughout your business with restaurant accounting software by HotSchedules.

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Count your bills with modern cash management software for your back office

With Clarifi Financials & Cash, stores can track the movement of cash at every point, from customer payment at a POS to safe drops to bank deposits. With tools to monitor shorts, paid-outs, and confirmations of shift cash balances, managers can quickly spot any issues and make corrective decisions to ensure the security of complete cash deposits.

Organize Your Cash Boxes

Cash Management Templates allow operators to configure every area of the restaurant where cash passes through.

  • Set currencies and denominations

  • Structure a hierarchy by region, role, and user for all cash handling

  • Create easy Paid In/Out accounts

  • Assign unique or standardized template requirements to each store’s fund list

  • Designate static or variable balances for cash drawers

  • Require authorization and hold on-duty manager accountable

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The Ins and Outs of Cash

Paid In/Out functionality provides above store operators global visibility into store-level cash movement in and out of cash drawers for non-sale transactions.

  • View cash movement (infusions and reductions) by store funds or cashier

  • Add account detail

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Count that Cash

Safe Count structures how stores account for cash throughout the day

  • Define safe count frequencies, denominations, and variance thresholds

  • Sequence the order of safe counts

  • Mark blind and normal counts for cash drawers and safes, as well as the option for recount

  • Transfer and receive funds between stores

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Reconciling the Balance of Your Shift

Gain end-to-end visibility into how your cash flows - from shift closeouts and POS/till cash handling to the secure bank deposit.

  • Detail for each employee cash handling station, shift count, and deposit

  • Customize to POS configurations for gross sales, taxes, tips, and credit cards

  • See variance thresholds across Cash Drawers, Petty Cash, Store Funds, Safe Counts

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Closing the Vault on Your Day's Hard Work

Get an overview of the day’s cash activities and final cash balance

  • Examine an easy-to-read aggregate view of all shift cash transactions and balances

  • Highlight discrepancies across all cash stores and handlers

  • Close the day in alignment to financial reporting

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Taking the Money to the Bank

Have direct line of sight and accountability for the money moving from your safe to the bank.

  • Create and authorize deposits based on user credentials

  • Track cash deposits by bag number, timestamp, and employee delivery to the bank

  • Specify the number of daily deposits

  • Remind an employee to deposit at the end of a shift

  • Alert for dispatched cash on the way for deposit

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