Product Specific Terms

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions or your negotiated master agreement (“Terms”) the following terms and conditions shall apply to the applicable Subscription Services listed herein (“Product Specific Terms”). These Product Specific Terms are incorporated with the Terms and where there is a difference between the Terms and these Product Specific Terms, these Product Specific Terms shall take precedence. Please note that these Product Specific Terms may be updated by us from time to time with the changes affecting you at the time of your following renewal of the applicable Subscription Services.


HotSchedules is an authorized reseller of DiscoverLink content. All DiscoverLink content purchased from HotSchedules shall be delivered through one or more of HotSchedules’ Subscription Services. The Subscription Services are governed exclusively by HotSchedules’ General Terms and Conditions.
Subscriber’s rights and obligations regarding the DiscoverLink content (but not the delivery thereof) is governed by the DiscoverLink Content Use Agreement between Subscriber and DiscoverLink found here:
HotSchedules is not a party to the DiscoverLink Content Use Agreement and Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that HotSchedules shall have no liability under such agreement or for any DiscoverLink content.





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