A solid recipe for success starts with the best ingredients

At HotSchedules, we understand how important it is to provide a menu of partner and integration options to our customers. From point-of-sale and equipment integrations to software and service needs, we’re always on the lookout for great partners to bring value to all sides of the table. That’s why we created the Partner Marketplace.


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Find the best way to become a partner

As a member of The HotSchedules Partner Marketplace, you’ll join a community of people just like you—passionate about making the difficult job of operating in the service industry easier and more effective.


AND because we know not all partners are exactly the same, we’ve created a couple of ways to do business with us!

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Become A Partner

Your business is kicking and your customers are coming to you for solutions beyond just a POS….who do you call?

HotSchedules can talk Scheduling, Labor, Workforce Management, Activity Based Forecasting, and Training

For more information please contact us at: Partners@hotschedules.com

Refer A Client

Not really interested in keeping up with contracts but still know someone who is interested in becoming a HotSchedules customer? Or maybe you want to create a referral relationship with HotSchedules, but want to take it slow?

You can earn $$ by recommending a client to HotSchedules.

Like everything in life, rules apply. Please read all program Terms and Conditions.
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