Seasoned is the all-in-one spot to find, attract and hire talent in the service industry. Engage with our active community of 650k members, attract candidates with a store profile, easily toggle on and off job descriptions and manage your candidates. Try it for free until May 31, 2018!

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About Seasoned

We’re the right people for the job.

The team at Seasoned was born from HotSchedules, a leading restaurant management platform that serves over 2 million people, at 130,000 locations, in 26 countries. We know the business and are uniquely qualified to bring you this new service.


We care because we’ve been there.

Our people have over 100 years of cumulative experience working in restaurants and bars. We know the long hours, the unruly customers, the hard work. So we also understand the flexibility you need. And we want the best for you, whether that’s landing a job or hiring team members.


We bring even more to the table.

We also have some serious chops in the technology world. We’ve worked at places like LinkedIn,,, and HotSchedules. We personally have created technologies that solve real problems, and we’re using our skills to build this much-needed community.

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