Instant Financial

Instant Financial is the leading instant pay platform that is changing the way millions of Americans get paid.

With Instant, employees get access to their earned pay minutes after each shift. As a result, employers see increased job applicants, decreased employee turnover and reduced absenteeism. As the only instant pay platform that’s free for employees, Instant’s solution truly benefits both you and your employees.

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About Instant Financial

  • Instant Financial offers two solutions: Instant Pay and Instant Tips. Employees receive access to either 50% of their pay (Instant Pay) or all of their tips (Instant Tips) at the end of each shift. Funds load directly onto their Instant card, which they can use to pay for items right away, save for a rainy day or withdraw from up to 33,000 free ATMs nationwide.
  • Instant Financial is a proven solution to succeeding in today’s challenging labor market—helping employers attract and retain an engaged workforce.  
  • Our platforms directly reduce daily financial stress for your employees, resulting in improved job performance, increased workplace engagement and decreased absenteeism.
  • Nearly all employees use Instant as a way to make ends meet—to pay their bills, manage savings, buy groceries or pay for gas.  
  • Instant is  trusted by employees from America’s most loved brands, including Bloomin’ Brands, Dine Brands, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Chili’s.
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