Partner Terms & Conditions: Refer a Friend



● Referral Award: HotSchedules shall send you a $50 Amazon gift card (a “Referral Award”) per referred lead that converts to a HotSchedules Integrated, Non-Integrated, Logbook &/or Train client within 120 days of submittal.


● All referrals must be referred to HotSchedules through the online referral form. To be eligible to receive Referral Award for a lead, the lead must be a new opportunity for HotSchedules, with no current activity in HotSchedules CRM database. HotSchedules reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine the original lead source of the referred customer and/or make any exceptions on qualification.


● Referred leads must enter into a binding, definitive, non-cancelable, minimum 12-month agreement with HotSchedules in order for a Referral Award to be owed.


Bonus Eligibility


● Friends, employees, lovers of HotSchedules - we’re happy to process your referrals


Restaurant owners or franchisees cannot refer their own restaurants, but can refer other store locations or franchise groups within the same concept or brand.


HotSchedules employees are not eligible to receive Referral Awards.


● Always verify with your employer if you are eligible for Referral Awards.



Minimums & Limits


Referred customer account must be live with a HotSchedules Product (Labor, Logbook or Train) for 30 days and current on any payments due for Referral Awards to be dispensed. Referral Awards are processed at the end of each month.


Limit one referrer bonus per restaurant brand or group.




All Referral Awards are processed monthly and emailed within 45 days.




HotSchedules reserves the right to modify or terminate this Referral Award plan at any time at its sole discretion.


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