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HotSchedules was built by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs. We believe our customers have the best ideas when it comes to innovative solutions to add-on to our core scheduling solution. Over time, we’ve accumulated quite a suite of modules that help small, multi-unit and franchise operations get a better handle on costs and optimize labor.

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Custom Solutions


A birds-eye view into your stores’ performance

  • Get reporting and visibility on your labor across multiple stores.
  • See into all of your stores’ sales, labor costs, labor percent, and overtime.
  • See actual sales, projected sales, and the variance between the two.
  • Create and edit survey or polls that can be communicated companywide.
  • Share videos and other company-wide announcements that can be seen when employees log in.
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Manage health care costs at the scheduling level
  • Track your full-time, part-time and variable-hour employees.
  • Set hourly thresholds to ensure your managers are giving the right amount of hours to the right people.
  • Control your health care costs at the scheduling level.
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Predictive scheduling based on historical data
  • Use sales, revenue centers, weather, guest counts and other historical data to optimize schedules.
  • Generate forecasts based on any combination of weekly trends.
  • Create shifts automatically based on forecasted data.
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Your team in the right place at the right time
  • See a side-by-side view of floor plan and the list of employees working each shift.
  • Easily communicate schedules and sections to employees.
  • Leverage HotSchedules Team to render your floor plans within the HotSchedules app.
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Accurate payroll records and reporting in one spot
  • Apply your State and store labor laws to punch records and timecards.
  • Reduce the buddy-punching problem with IP address clock in/out enforcement.
  • Managers can edit or adjust employee time.
  • See who all is clocked in or out for the shift and reduce the number of punch errors.
  • Enforce tip declaration when employees clock out.
  • Employee approval process for punch adjustments inside HotSchedules.
  • Access and export clean, pre-formatted files ready to be dropped in to popular third-party payroll systems.
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Web and mobile timeclock with punch controls in HotSchedules
  • Clock in/out via the web or mobile device
  • Enforce location-based logins
  • Authorize clock ins/outs
  • Edit timecards, tips and special pay
  • Communicate pay adjustments
  • Track employee punch records
  • Aggregate multi-store payroll data
  • Export formatted payroll files
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