Sub-Processor List

This is the repository page where we maintain a current list of the sub-processors authorized to process personal data for HotSchedules’ services.



Updates to Sub-Processor List


This sub-processor List may be updated by HotSchedules from time to time. Please check back frequently for an up to date listing of our sub-processors



NameRelated HotSchedules ServiceLocation
Amazon Web ServicesCloud Hosting Services (ISO 9001, 27001, 27008, 27017 Certified; SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 audited)Australia



United States

AkamiContent Delivery Network Provider (ISO/IEC 27002 certified; SOC2 audited)United States
QTSCloud Hosting Services (ISO 27001 certified; SO1, SOC2 audited)United States



Subscribing to Updates to the Sub-Processor List


To subscribe to updates to HotSchedules' Sub-Processor List, please send an email to with "Sub-Processor Update Request" in the subject line, with your request in the body of the email.



Requesting More Information about a Sub-Processer


If you would like to receive any additional information about any sub-processors in respect of the role it plays for HotSchedules and its security controls, please make the request via email to with "Information Request" in the subject line.



Objecting to a Sub-Processor


After reviewing information related to a particular sub-processor obtained from HotSchedules, an objection to a sub-processor can be made emailing an Objection Request to with subject line “Sub-Processor Objection.” To be considered, an Objection Request must include the following information:

  • Company Name (As it appears on your HotSchedules/Macromatix Order Form)
  • HotSchedules service related to the sub-processor
  • Name sub-processor
  • Grounds for Objection (Objections must be based on legitimate data protection grounds in accordance with Section 5 of HotSchedules GDPR Data Processor Addendum)
  • Requestor Name*
  • Requestor Email*


*By submitting an Objection Request, the requestor is confirming that they are an authorized representative of their organization.



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