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Simplify Your Restaurant Employee Scheduling And Operations

The menu has changed. Your workforce wants it fresh, hot, and to-go. If you are still scheduling your restaurant employees with yesterday’s ingredients — paper, spreadsheets, and sticky-notes, you will continue to lose your best talent to the restaurant down the street.


From schedules based on weather reports and historical data, to interactive training on a phone, to urgent communication (like a shift coverage) — all from an app, you become the coolest, smartest, and most awesome manager on the block. Guaranteed.

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HotSchedules began as an online scheduling tool, and today, it’s still the industry’s most downloaded scheduling app on iTunes. We help managers create more accurate schedules up to 75% faster, with time-off requests and availabilities built right in. The HotSchedules app makes it easy for employees to access their schedules and communicate with coworkers from their mobile device. And when you’ve nailed the shift swap, we give you tools to reduce overtime, control early clock-ins, and optimize your labor costs.

  • Swap or release shifts with manager approval
  • Get automatic updates to the roster report
  • Generate schedules from a template
  • Track availability and time-off requests
  • Manage certifications with expiration alerts
  • Enforce punctuality by syncing with your POS
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Time & Attendance

Simplify employee time tracking and manager payroll administration when you integrate your restaurant’s time and attendance into the best online employee scheduling software.

  • Give your teams more visibility into their punches, so managers can avoid pay disputes
  • Real-time mobile alerts will notify managers if an employee is late to clock in or out. Same goes for missed meals or breaks
  • Reduce labor costs with real-time alerts for meals, breaks, and overtime
  • Reduce the buddy-punching problem with IP address clock in/out enforcement
  • View scheduled vs. actual punch data
  • Flag exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, and more
  • Easily customize rules around long/short shifts to meet your business’s needs
  • Edit locked punches in the rare instance an error is discovered after the fact
  • Access and export clean, pre-formatted files ready to be dropped into popular third-party payroll systems, including ADP, PayChex, Paylocity and PayCor.
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Labor Management

Most restaurant operators hope for tangerine trees and marmalade skies when estimating their labor against sales volume, because it can be a guessing game. But with the groundwork you lay for Activity-Based Forecasting and a powerful schedule optimizer, you can achieve and run the perfect shift.


Avoid unnecessary overtime, payroll mishaps, early clock-ins, employee turnover and expensive health care coverage (not to mention sales lost because of poor planning)

  • Put the right number of team members in place at the right time
  • Pinpoint staff needs for holidays and special times
  • Build efficiency, grow revenue, and positively impact sales
  • Calculate shift minimums or maximums from raw labor projections
  • Predict future sales and the labor needed to accommodate those sales
  • Generate suggested team member headcount along with a bucket of hours or actual shift templates
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Training & Development

HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox is a social, eLearning platform that trains your employees the way they want to learn – through video, documentation, and tests that can be taken online or on their phones. Easily convert your restaurant training manuals online and create a culture of continued education, development, and improvement for manager and hourly employees.

  • Create your own branded training academy
  • Leverage 20 free restaurant training videos from InnovaLearn
  • Convert your training documents to online courses
  • Upload files, web content, video, SCORM, etc …
  • Reward training with online badges and certificates
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Task & Communication Management

HotSchedules Logbook gives managers and owners the ability to define, assign, and track tasks for the whole store. Log daily shift information in one central location and keep employees on top of their regular tasks so that guests get the same great experience every time.

  • Log daily shift information in the Staff Journal or Store Log
  • Document shift information, maintenance, repairs, and personnel issues
  • Communicate with managers in real-time
  • Track cash and deposits
  • Access and search archived logs
  • Use pre-designed tasks lists based on best practices from over 120,000 brands
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