The First Intelligent Back Office Platform for Restaurants

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Your Restaurant Operations Made Clear

Intelligent, integrated, modular - the Clarifi Platform solves the people, product and operational challenges restaurants deal with every day.


At the very core of Clarifi is Foundation, providing all the essential building blocks for running a successful restaurant operation. Foundation marries business rules, internal and external data, flexible reporting capabilities and intelligent workflows to help managers productively plan for the expected and adapt to the unexpected. Foundation seamlessly connects with the Labor, Inventory, Financials & Cash, and Asset Management Modules.

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Labor Management and Scheduling

The Clarifi Labor Module is built from the industry’s most widely-adopted labor management and employee scheduling solution and is the most powerful way to optimize schedules, stay compliant and maximize employee productivity. The advanced forecasting engine gives managers more control over schedules and labor spend, while the intelligent workflow makes recommendations as things change. The native work schedule app is integrated with time and attendance tools to improve labor compliance.

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Inventory and Food Cost Management

Effortlessly manage inventory levels, reduce cost, and improve profitability with the Clarifi Inventory Module. The inventory management workflow guides managers through the entire inventory process and makes recommendations throughout the day. With Inventory, managers maintain high-quality, consistent product that meets expected sales volumes while reducing the high cost of waste.

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Financials & Cash

The Clarifi Financials & Cash Module gives above-store and in-store teams visibility into inventory, sales and food costs so that every fluctuation in your financials is tracked. Unlike other cash and financial systems, the data does the decision-making, offering up recommendations on money-saving and revenue-enhancing opportunities.

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Asset Management

The Clarifi Asset Management Module simplifies the lifecycle of your physical assets across your stores. Keep track of invoices, maintenance, warranties and depreciation timelines and manage every vendor from one, centralized interface that works with the other Clarifi Modules.

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Talent Development

The Clarifi Talent Development Module is an easy-to-use content, learning and performance management system that handles everything from new hire and manager training, to compliance tracking and everyday shift work, plus it develops internal talent to keep them on the right career path. The robust real time reporting tools connect sales data so that human resource teams can show the business impact of learning and development initiatives.

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Turn Good Managers into Great Managers

At the heart of a great restaurant is a great management team. But great managers are in short supply. Operators need to be able to ramp managers faster and managers want technology that helps them make better decisions to drive the right results.

The same way a smartphone guides its users through their day, Clarifi uses insights from your internal and external data to trigger actionable insights that help managers make better decisions throughout their day. START DEVELOPING GREAT MANAGERS
Engage employees.
Be prepared for the day.
Increase revenue opportunites.
Adapt for the unexpected.

Integrate Data Across Fragmented Systems

Legacy back office systems are too complex and costly to handle the demands of today’s competitive operating environment. Clarifi takes a simple, integrated approach so that IT and operation teams can unlock data that gives managers actionable insights and above-store leaders valuable visibility into key performance data. Clarifi is modular so that you can adopt our applications at your own pace or connect Foundation to other apps for a fully-integrated, intelligent back office.


Reduce IT Costs

The Clarifi Connect Module includes an open API that makes third party integrations simple, fast and removes the cost of managing and maintaining expensive legacy systems.


Improve Visibility

Custom reports no longer have to take months and huge budget approvals. We collect your restaurants most important data – in-store, near-store and above-store so that you can use your data to drive the right activities and coach your managers to make smart decisions on the fly.


Scale Performance

Backed by award-winning customer service and a proven ability to scale the implementation and adoption of technology, HotSchedules built Clarifi for operations with as few as 10 stores all the way up to large, international enterprise organizations with thousands of stores.


Take Control of Costs, Consistency & Compliance

Cost, consistency and compliance are crucial pillars to manage to be competitive in today’s complex operating environment. TALK TO A SPECIALIST

Optimize & Control Costs

Labor and food are the two most expensive cost centers for a restaurant. Easily forecast across labor and inventory to effectively measure and manage your two biggest cost centers with more precision and predictability.

Drive Consistency

Intelligent workflows and insights take static business processes and make them responsive to events and changes so that teams can prepare and perform in the face of the unpredictable.

Stay Compliant

As labor legislation continues to grow in complexity, so does the risk of additional penalties that most operators just can't afford. Navigate today’s legislative headwinds with tools that reduce compliance violations and help managers schedule with confidence.

Solutions By Segment

Run the perfect shift and engage your workforce with the industry's leading scheduling, communication, compliance and forecasting tools.
Solve for today's challenges and tomorrow's growth with a modular, intelligent back office solution designed for established and emerging brands.
Simplify the back office across your entire portfolio of brands with a single, scalable intelligent restaurant operating platform.
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