United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest


  • Spreadsheets made scheduling remote employees inefficient and time consuming
  • Back-and-forth emails were creating more work and problems for HR
  • Employees didn’t have an easy way of swapping shifts or communicating remotely
  • Payroll was often late because it wasn’t in one centralized system


  • Reduced scheduling creation time and payroll by 10 hours or more
  • Eliminated unmanageable back-andforth emails
  • Helped HR forecast accurate sales and labor and predict labor costs
  • Remote employees empowered to self-regulate their schedule with an employee scheduling app
  • Reduce payroll error and HR is now able to deliver payroll on-time



At first glance, the United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest (USTA PNW) and HotSchedules might seem like a surprising set of doubles partners. But thanks to a little out-of-the-box thinking by USTA Human Resources Manager Lindsay Rector, HotSchedules is outstripping its typical application in restaurant and hospitality scheduling to help USTA manage and schedule its tennis instructor employees, who are spread across six states.


“The fact that HotSchedules gives [our staff] the ability to self-manage and self-regulate is awesome. It shows them accountability.”

-Lindsay Rector, USTA Human Resources Manager

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