Tilted Kilt


  • Scheduling was a very stressful and unpleasant part of a manager’s job, further complicated by the number of employees per location.
  • Requests by the team were being made informally, often verbally, without an adequate process for documentation.
  • Scheduling taking at least 8 hours a week of the managers’ time.


  • One to one and a half percent reduction in labor costs from the first month.
  • 75% reduction in time to create schedules.
  • Now able to proactively and accurately forecast sales and labor.



What’s in a name? For Tilted Kilt—a lot actually. The Kilt implies something Irish or Scottish, and that’s true, but with an American twist. The goal was to take the European pub premise and merge it with American fare, great sports and gorgeous female servers dressed in sassy mini-kilts and matching tops.


Add a little whimsy and a crew that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and you begin to understand why Tilted Kilt was dubbed “The Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen.”


“You can tell that the creators of HotSchedules have run restaurants before they have built a solution that comprehends and addresses all the challenges we face in our business.”

-John Stevenson, former Director of Training, Tilted Kilt

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