Glacier Brewhouse


  • Sought an easier way to manage the tedious chore of shift-scheduling.
  • Wanted a better communications tool for managers and team members.
  • Had particular challenges due to the state’s overtime rules and regulations.


  • Labor savings through reduced overtime and as a result of punctuality enforcement.
  • Confidence that they are always compliant with state’s overtime rules.
  • Convenience of remote access capabilities and mobile app means the entire team can check and update the schedule from anywhere. Managers and team members alike appreciate the convenient anytime, anywhere access.



When it gets cold, the folks living in Anchorage, Alaska, head over to the ORSO or Glacier Brewhouse restaurants. Dubbed “The place where Alaskans meet Alaskans,” the restaurants have been warming up bellies for over 20 years in one of the city’s oldest buildings.


“HotSchedules is just an incredibly great product, and the training has been excellent. It’s not hard to learn, but having someone walk you through it and show you all the things you can do with it really helped get us up and running smoothly.”

-Michael Hurst, Director of Marketing, Brews Brothers, LLC

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