DuckWorth’s Grill and Taphouse


  • A large and evolving menu made it difficult and expensive to manage new hire and ongoing employee training using manual methods.
  • Managers and trainers spent too much time hunting down important paperwork and certifications. Employees were approved to start working on the floor before they were actually ready.
  • Managers were unable to distinguish between a great hire and one that would only do the bare minimum.
  • Training new hires on new food items was expensive and ineffective, costing $20,000 annually.
  • Training program was stagnant and current systems prevented innovation. Paper training method did not cater to all learning styles or engage millennial workforce.


  • Saves $20,000 per year by eliminating ineffective training show for new employees.
  • Quizzes ensure new hires are well-versed in menu items before they get to the restaurant floor. Simplified test scoring easily identifies which new hires will flourish.
  • Managers have an objective view of an employee’s achievements in training with robust reporting.
  • Audio and visual training components appeal to learners of different styles or millennial workforce.



With more than 100 different menu items and up to 151 rotating beers on tap, Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse offers up quite the learning curve for its new employees. To help scale that curve, Duckworth’s relies on the educational firepower and convenience provided by HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox, a social, mobile eLearning platform built for restaurants. Duckworth’s also uses HotSchedules for staff scheduling across its six locations in North Carolina.


“Thanks to the testing and reporting capabilities in HotSchedules Train, we’ve seen a huge improvement in our serving staff’s knowledge has before they ever even get on the floor.”

-Kevin Stevens, Director of Training, Duckworth's Grill & Taphouse

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