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Top 4 Takeaways from the CHART 95 Conference

HotSchedules Product Marketing Manager Miquela Campos-Trone left the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers Training and Competencies Conference feeling inspired and ready to engage. Here are her big takeaways.

How can you begin to recap four days of a Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART) conference? So much was packed into the Training Competencies Conference in San Antonio from Feb. 10-13. Approximately 200 trainers from some of the restaurant and hospitality industry’s leading brands convened to learn and grow as professionals, strengthening core competencies they can use to help improve their organizations.

CHART asked something pretty simple of conference attendees — all you had to do was “Arrive Curious” and “Leave Inspired.”

Well, here’s what I took away from the conference:

1. Be Curious

True to theme, I arrived in San Antonio as curious as could be! I wanted to hear from HotSchedules customers who were also attending the conference. I wanted to hear from industry leaders and thinkers. And that curiosity has stayed with me now that I’m back at HotSchedules. I’m asking myself how I can take the input our customers provided and the obstacles the industry faces, and use it to better serve our customers.

I also have a list a mile long to connect with people, to follow up with ideas we exchanged and to make introductions to new faces. Like the trainers at the conference, I’m also going to use what I learned to further my personal and professional development. Thanks, CHART! I really mean it.

2. Be Grateful, Give Back

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the weekend’s service event at Haven for Hope, which provides care for people experiencing homelessness in Bexar County, TX. Our guide, Peggy, was unbelievably kind and thoughtful, and her gratitude was humbling. We made something like 1,800 sandwiches and cracked more than 1,300 eggs…plus chopping, slicing and dicing, organizing the warehouse and above all serving the community lunch. It meant a great deal to give back to the community with a group of amazing people.

Plus, Dr. Randy Ross’s keynote address had me in tears and truly grateful that our founders instill the importance of a positive culture internally and we extend that passion into our products to help our customers build a thriving, dynamic company culture as well!

Dr. Ross asked three key questions that any successful employee or person should ask themselves, and I will definitely be keeping them top-of-mind as I dive into new projects!

  • Do I create more value than I take?
  • Do I create a positive wake?
  • Do I solve problems?

Above all, I am grateful to be a part of this great organization – CHART, you are like no other!

3. Take Pride in What You Do

I was overjoyed to see people I have met and befriended through HotSchedules and CHART shine as presenters, and share their guidance on how they achieved success for their organizations. Also, connecting those individuals to other professionals who are facing the same challenges made me just so proud of their contagious passion and success.The facilitation of the Competency Courses allows for such an open exchange of ideas to give us all actionable plans we can bring back and put into place.

4. Stay Inspired and Engage Others

Simply put, I’m inspired — inspired to continue to provide value to our customers. To be an ambassador of our own culture, and to look for opportunities to connect the great speakers to the rest of HotSchedules.

Looking forward to learning even more this July in Boca!

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