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HotSchedules’ New Clarifi Inventory Features Empower Manager Efficiency and Accountability

Spot counting features in HotSchedules’ restaurant inventory management software help soothe the pain for restaurant managers.

In the world of restaurants, managers look forward to many things… but restaurant inventory management is practically never one of them. Granted, counting inventory is not as gratifying as nailing the perfect Sunday dinner shift, but it is a critical process in your restaurant operation.

At HotSchedules, we know that the inventory counting process can be tedious and time-consuming — eating up hours and hours a week. But, we also know that your restaurant’s accounting department needs to track and report for tax purposes. Managers need visibility into what the restaurant has used up and what to order.

Furthermore, managers need to keep a keen eye on waste and theft — when operations are on full steam, it is easy for food or liquor to disappear or not notice the rate of consumption. We’re committed to providing solutions that enable restaurant managers to be successful.

That’s why HotSchedules’ new restaurant inventory management software, built on our innovative Clarifi platform, brings increased efficiency, accuracy and accountability to the counting process, soothing much of the pain that restaurant managers experience on a weekly basis.

Pre-configurable Spot Counts Increase Manager Accuracy and Accountability

With its Smart Spot Count, Clarifi Inventory allows above-store leadership to audit items that usually have a high variance or high cost to hone in on what drives most of the discrepancies or concerns. Based on dynamic rules that above-store management has built into the system, the software will select items to count based on variance data the system already knows about. A manager may take a full inventory on Monday, then check steaks on Tuesday and champagne on Friday. Visual cues guide the manager if an item is outside its acceptable variance, helping to ensure that counts are as accurate as possible.

Spot Counting Enables More Efficient Processes

Clarifi Inventory also allows leadership to configure how often they want managers to count, what to count by store location and the level of sensitivity for how much variance is acceptable. By spot counting your inventory or only counting certain portions of it at a time, managers can avoid spending hours doing numerous full inventory counts that can drag late into the night.

To see Clarifi Inventory in action, register for our webinar on November 13, 2018, at 2 p.m. EST.

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