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HotSchedules Gets a Facelift: New User Interface is Here!

New look, same great functionality!

Did you know that HotSchedules has been around since 1999? That’s right! As the story goes, a couple of managers posted a web page to share their team’s schedule. Over the years that web page has grown into the HotSchedules Web and Mobile applications that you know and love. As with every great software application, there comes a moment when it needs a little cosmetic attention. Don’t worry – this user interface update won’t slow you down as you’re building that schedule – it will just look a lot prettier. Read on for a few of the key changes you will see in our Web app starting in September.

Colors and Fonts

Our product team has put quite a few hours into understanding how to offer a better user experience and colors and fonts have a lot to do with that. You will notice that the green is being replaced with a soothing blue and the typography is more modern and easier to read.


The tabs (Home, Scheduling, Forecasting, etc.) remain the same but now you will need to hover over each to see and access the next level of navigation.

New Messaging & Personal Preferences Tabs

Although the functionality of both these features remains the same, you will notice that the Preferences option under the Settings tab has been removed and you can find these features in the new Personal Messaging subtabs. As you can see, both screens have been redesigned for readability and an improved user experience.

Here’s a Tip!

Did you know that you can opt to use your preferred name instead of the name entered when your account was created (1), change your preferred HotSchedules home page (2), and/or set up Google Calendar syncing (3) all from the Personal Preferences tab?

We hope you like these minor cosmetic changes. If you have any questions or just want to learn more, visit our Help Center. If you feel lost or need a personal guide, you can always call our Customer Care team. They are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will answer your questions in both English and Spanish.

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