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Hot Tips for HotSchedules: Shortcuts to Build Schedules Faster

The HotSchedules team is always working to find shortcuts for our customers! Here are a few tips to help you build schedules faster.

Hey, all you HotSchedulers! You know who you are — you’re the people who have the difficult job of creating those perfect schedules that keep everyone happy!

We salute you and always strive to make your jobs easier. That’s why we’ve stayed up late at night racking our brains for all of the little shortcuts that customers just like you have requested.

We’ve rounded them all up for you right here.

So read on and keep on doing you — just slightly better and faster.

Copy and paste action coming at you…

Give me a C – Click on the shift you want to copy and press C.  You just copied the shift!

Give me a V – Select a new cell where you want to paste that shift and press V and look what you just did: you copied and pasted a shift for the first time.

Wasn’t that easy?


You can select multiple shifts by holding down the control key and clicking on multiple shifts. Now you can either delete the shifts you selected to remove them entirely OR house them so you can reassign the selected shifts to new employees.

T that Shift

The schedule is looking fantastic but wait – you want to swap those two shifts before you get the schedule out the door. All you have to do to swap contents of cells is hold down the CRTL key, press a cell, continue holding the CTRL key, select another cell, let go of all keys and type “T”. SWAPTASTIC, right?!


So you’re building your schedule and think, “Dang, I need a place to post a shift note.” Where can you put a note so that other managers will see it??

Right at the top of each day in the header, there is a little speech bubble – click on it and type up your note. Now save it and VOILA – you posted a Day Note.

Any day that has a note assigned to it will have a green speech bubble. You can view the Day Notes by clicking the green speech bubble. Plus, you can view previous notes written by other managers and they’ll see yours as well!

Help is at your Fingertips

Take all this knowledge with you to master that schedule! And if you have questions, don’t worry! You can get help right inside the system – just click on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner and search to find the answers.

You may have seen all of the tips above when you log in to HotSchedules via WalkMe. Just like there are 7* ways for your teams to get their schedules we are trying to ensure you see these Hot Tips!!

And as always if you need help beyond what you find in the system our Customer Care team is available for you 24/7.

*Did you say my teams can get their schedule 7 ways? Yes, we did. Users can access their schedules from:

  • the mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • the web app
  • mobile website
  • 24/7 automated system
  • 24/7 bilingual support line
  • email
  • text message

Cheat Sheet – Keyboard Shortcuts

Take a snapshot of this and keep it on your desktop until you have the shortcuts memorized!

Note: You don’t have to press control unless noted.

  • S – SmartSelect Tool.  Can be used for House Shifts and to reassign shifts.
  • I – Insert. Want another way to assign that House shift (besides SmartSelect or drag and drop)? Click the house shift, click the cell and type I to “Insert” that house shift on the schedule
  • H – Make the shift a House Shift.  Send a shift back to the House Manager.
  • Delete Key – Delete a shift.  Empty a cell.
  • Ctrl-Click – Select multiple cells for deleting or housing.
  • T – Trade shifts.  Swap contents of cells.  (Hold ctrl key, press a cell, continue holding the ctrl key, select another cell, let go of all keys and type “T”.)
  • C – Copy a cell’s contents to the clipboard.
  • X – Cut a cell’s contents to the clipboard.
  • V – Paste the clipboard’s contents into a cell.
  • Z – Undo an action. (up to 20)
  • Y – Redo an action. (up to 20)
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