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Clarifi Insights in Action: Preventing Losses with Comps and Voids Awareness

With Clarifi’s Comps and Voids Awareness Insights, restaurant managers can identify and prevent mistakes, inefficiencies, and theft.

Editor’s Note: Over the next few months, HotSchedules will publish a series of blogs explaining the insights available exclusively within our Clarifi intelligent back-office operating platform. Clarifi Insights combine various data sources to offer store-level managers just-in-time observations on operations that require action. These insights help managers be more effective by highlighting patterns that may not be so obvious when reading the daily logbook or mentally tracking all of the things that can come up in a restaurant.

Restaurant operators and managers need to protect their margins any way they can, and part of that is knowing the difference between comped and voided products. Managers who keep a watchful eye on free, discounted or voided checks have a better chance of preventing unnecessary profit losses within their restaurants.

Upticks in the number of comps and voids can mean a lot of things, including under-trained servers, kitchen mistakes, or even theft. Monitoring comps and voids activity can tip off a manager to processes that lead to mistakes or employees who may be stealing.

Of course, with all of a manager’s other duties, it can be easy to lose track of comp and void trends. That’s why HotSchedules’ Clarifi intelligent back office platform provides managers with an easy way to stay on top of comps and voids — the Comps and Voids Awareness Insights.

With Clarifi, managers can now get just-in-time notifications on comps and voids to help prevent losses. Managers have the ability to view comps and voids data in two ways: by the employee and by menu item.

Identify Employees who Comp and Void Too Frequently

Clarifi shows managers how many comps and voids each employee has for the current week. Additionally, the system displays the total number of comps/voids the store has for the current week along with the variance between the previous week.

The system displays total comps by employee in one chart and total voids by employee in another. This insight can help managers identify whether an employee consistently comps or voids items on a check, cluing managers into potential theft, employees who need retaining and more.

Additionally, each chart will display the total cost for the restaurant along with the variance between the previous week, so managers know exactly how much money they’re losing.

Track which Menu Items are Constantly Comped or Voided

Clarifi also displays how many times a specific item on the menu was comped or voided for the current week.

With this insight, managers can quickly identify which menu items are being comped or voided on a frequent basis. With that information, they can then determine what the cause is — perhaps kitchen staff needs retraining, servers need to be refreshed on selling methods, or the dish simply needs to be rethought.

Tracking comps and voids by food item can also help uncover fraud within the restaurant. For instance, if a manager notices an atypical 500 comped soft drinks, there may be theft occurring.

Want to learn more about the intricacies of comps and voids, as well as best practices for preventing losses at your restaurant? This blog has everything you need.

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