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Automate Cash Management and Employee Accountability with Clarifi Back Office

Clarifi Back Office offers an integrated cash management module that automates cash tracking and accountability.

Cash is king, so they say, and the reality today is it still makes up about 20% of restaurant transactions. It’s impossible to run a profitable restaurant without a well-documented cash management process.  (Obviously, this process should facilitate making change all day long.) This fact is especially true in quick-service restaurants where cash is more frequent with the typical tab under $10.

Automating cash management through the use of technology helps managers save valuable time and gain peace of mind so they can focus on their team members and guests. The solution you choose should simplify the process of:

  1. Tracking safe funds
  2. Documenting bank deposits
  3. Monitoring the flow of cash throughout the shift
  4. Most importantly, enforcing accountability

Many Back Office products on the market today offer a solution for managing cash along with your inventory and labor. The Clarifi Back Office Platform includes a Cash module that enables operators to maintain visibility into the cash pipeline and hold team members accountable for its whereabouts. A couple of critical features set Clarifi apart from other solutions, including the ability to count by denomination and simple configuration for blind counts. Read on to learn more:

Count by Denomination

Clarifi Cash makes it easy to tally the various bills and coins with an instant calculation of the total cash in the drawer or safe.  Managers can set balances by single or denomination value. “Single-value” is a general count in which the drawer needs $250 without specifying how much of each bill and coin. The denomination value determines the exact bills and coins. This process also ensures the drawer has the right amount of each denomination to make change throughout the shift. In-app alerts notify managers if there is a variance that falls outside of a predetermined threshold.

Blind Count Configurations

Additionally, managers can configure blind counts so that the end user doesn’t know the amount of cash that should be present at the end of a shift.  Blind counts keep the employees on their toes and enable managers to follow patterns of under-overages. Above store managers can easily toggle blind counts on or off as required.

Margin controls are a constant concern for restaurant managers. From food waste to comps and voids – there are plenty of opportunities for profit loss during a shift. A solid cash management policy is one proven way to proactively protect your business. Do yourself and your team a favor by documenting your policy today and using the latest that technology has to offer to administer it.

Our Clarifi Back Office platforms offers lots of great features to help operators save time and money.  

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