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Alleviate Compliance and Payroll Hassles with HotSchedules’ Time & Attendance Module

HotSchedules’ recently enhanced time & attendance module offers improved workflow and labor compliance support.

The hospitality industry has really embraced “the cloud” for all things workforce management. From scheduling to POS and payroll, managers want their employment data integrated, accessible, and free of paper processes too often result in human error.

We have heard your call for a stronger time and attendance solution and this month we are happy to announce a list of new features that will make managers’ lives a whole lot easier. Already the industry’s workforce scheduling solution of choice, we launched the first version of our time and attendance solution, called PayControl, in 2015. This latest update demonstrates our commitment to automating payroll processes while helping operators maintain continuous labor compliance. Read on to see what’s new…

Simplified Punch Review Workflow

An improved interface, which adds filtering capabilities combined with the following new punch review features, will simplify payroll preparation, increase accuracy, and give you time back in your day.

Punch Exceptions Review – At-a-glance punch review screen allows you to quickly scan aggregated scheduled vs. actual punch data and flag punch exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, scheduled vs actual variance, and more. Upon the review of all the punches for the pay period, you can easily mark them as reviewed.

Locked Punch Edits – Give your administrator the ability to edit locked punches. In the rare instance that a mistake is caught after the fact, this change will be documented in your Punch History. And since punch editing rights are not to be taken lightly, this permission is only assigned with a request to our Customer Care team.

Customizable Punch Exception Rules – Admins can specify punch exception rules and assign these rules to the stores in the Above Store Console (ASC) for management at the store level. While there is a default set of rules available, you can easily customize these rules around long/short shifts, scheduled versus actual variations, flagging of WebClock auto clock-outs, etc.

Pay Penalties – Customers operating in California can add a pay impact to reflect the cost of a meal or break penalty. Configuration is handled in the ASC. Stores in other states could be proactive and apply penalties to avoid lawsuits.

New Payroll Integrations

Seamlessly export your payroll data using standard ADP, PayChex and Paylocity formats to limit errors due to manual entry. Support for other popular payroll systems and custom mappings of earning codes are coming soon.

Real-Time Compliance Alerts – WebClock users only

Keep everyone on track with real-time alerts that notify managers of missed meals and breaks. You will also be notified when employees are late to clock-in/out. Proactively addressing these issues is key to cost control and can significantly impact the bottom line.

And Finally – What’s in a Name?

A great time and attendance solution is characterized by mobile clock-in/out options, punch exception management, compliance alerts, and payroll integration options. Since this latest release checks all these boxes and more, *we have changed the product name from PayControl to HotSchedules Time & Attendance*. We believe the name is a better reflection of this recently enhanced solution.

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